Monday, June 14, 2010

Me and Football

I have some spare time now, so let tell you a story of me :) and of course, football!!! I remember when I was quite young (in primary school) Liga Perdana Malaysia was such a big hype. My parents both from Kedah, so can imagine the whole family are loyal supporter . One of the days I would follow my dad to Stadium Negara to watch the final between KL and Kedah. We would be switching places after half time (depending on where Kedah's goal is). Back then people sold burgers for 50cents each towards end of game ;)

I grew up liking to watch football. But I never really supported any team in particular. I don't like to talk about it with guys either. They always came across as Mr Know-It-All when it comes to football so that is quite a big turn off for me.

I remember watching the final of 1998 World Cup. The game ended in the wee hours and I remembered going to school and discussing with my classmates about the how only Roberto Carlos was playing for Brazil, the rest were just filling up the pitch. Nostalgic rite?

And then 2002, I was in UiTM. The TV room in Teratai 1 (my college) is installed with Astro (2002, you imagine how many household had astro? even my house didn't have it yet!!) And to make things better, my room is on the same level with the TV room!!! So there I am, alone in the TV room, watching I don't know how many games. And the only other spectator was my junior. So both of us will be like freaks, shouting (softly..hehehe..its still a college y know) and complaining, commenting on where appropriate. At that time I started supporting Portugal already, and yup, Christiano Ronaldo had not played yet. Their biggest star was Luis Figo and Pauletta, sometimes Maniche. I remember even making a picture of Nuno Gomez as my wallpaper..hahaha.... so dieya, you are not alone ;)

2006, I started working here. I came in during the World Cup fever, and gets my updates via web because I was waiting for an outgoing trainee to pass her Astro to me. RTM and TV3 reception is bad around here, don't ask me why.

4 years later, here I am, still loving every bit of the game and this year I have bigger things planned ;) Those that is close to me already knew, but let me just let the cat out of the bag when the 'thing' is over. Its a bit premature to make a big huha..

And oh, one more thing, my friend Ija, celebrated her birthday this year during the Kick Off, 11th June. So me and my friends pulls a prank on her, suprised her at her home during the opening match. And to my suprise, I was suprised to!!! Since they will not be able to get me on my birthday due to 'some' reason, they decided to throw me an advanced birthday celebration ;)
All of them are not football fans. The nicknames are just to humour me..hehehe

Yup, they are not football fans, where and when on earth did Rooney, Beckham and Ronaldinho played for Portugal!!! ahahahaha.....

And Shaz, C.Vela is real, he played for Mexico, so you were not seeing things. Thanks a lot you guys ;)


  1. hi dear, thanks for dropping by, we should blog about football more right?

  2. the last part buat i tak tahan nak gelak.. "confirm portugal menang sebab ada beckham, rooney & ronaldinho" hahaha!!!!!

    i'm so glad that's i'm not alone in the wallpaper section :-D
    you know what, i still have the same worl cup posters from four years ago on my bedroom wall back at my parents' place. didn't take it off since then!

  3. Dieya..we were laughing like crazy writing that! hahah..dah la SA vs Mexico tetibe Portugal menang gan player2 x logic tu..hahaha

    ohh he was huh..ok now I know C.vela..semua pasal nak tulis kad punye pasal..hahah

  4. k lieza : yup, we women can talk football too ;)

    dieya : tu la.. i have to read the card outloud, kelakar gile...besides, poster tu tak tukar kaler lagi ek? hehehe...

    shaz: korang bab tak logik no.1 ;p

  5. shaz: memang tak logik langsung hahaha! and ur fren yg nama nani tu actually takyah letak podolski, nani is already a portuguese footie player ;-)

    azita: eh mana ada tukar kaler, masih bersinar2 lagi gigi ronaldino macam iklan colgate total hahaha!


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