Thursday, June 17, 2010

It was a sad night

Last night I watched one of the biggest upset for this round of WC campaign. Spain got beaten by Swiss. At first I was relaxed, but towards some 20 mins in the game, I realised that Spain was put under the same physical challenges as Portugal last night. Its size vs. skill. The Swiss defenders are all big people. David Villa can barely pass them. First half not much happened although there is some brilliant passes from Puyol to the midfield.

Second half was getting more interesting, Spain attacks, and almost all of the players past the midfiled. However Swiss were very quick to capitalised for the lack of defence in Spain penalty box. That no 9 (can't remember the name, too lazy to Google) sprint right through and tried to shoot, Casillas blocked it but the ball bounced back. There was quite a commotion in front of the goal and by chance they managed to score. Pique even get himself injured in the process. That was in the 53rd minutes.

Torres was only put in on 70th minute. He and Jesus Navas both did quite break the Swiss defence and managed to open up few tries, however it was not good enough. I can say that Spain did played a good game. They surely do the backheel thingy better than Portugal. They had most of the possession but too bad they just could not score.

I thought Portugal will be in tough position, but it is now looking even worse for Spain. From what I heard Chile is playing a good game as well. But then it is not the end of the world. France lost their opening game in 1998 and later went ahead to lift the cup, anything can happen.

So far the only favorites that live up to standards are Brazil, Germany and Argentina. The rest are still vague.

My man of the match : Andres Iniesta, he was relentless and hardworking throughout the game despite being heavily challenged by most of the Swiss.

You know where I get the pics ;)


  1. i was jumping and screaming throughout the game! felt like throwing the astro remote control at torres' head! tapi pikir2 balik pecah pulak tv i nanti.. hahaha!

  2. hahaha... i think my housemate pon tension ngan i, kejap2 jerit, ntah ape2 je...

    jgn pecah tv..still 3 weeks to go!!

  3. I support Germany..sbb my hp cover is gonna be that..and they seem to be good..bleh lar..hah!

  4. germany ada harapan menang, but we'll see ;p

  5. i refused to write an entry about the game cause i'll get overly emotional and that's not good for my health....sedih!!!


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