Monday, June 7, 2010

They Really Chose Not to See It..

I am watching NCIS DC now. Contiued from the last week episode where it stops after DiNozzo shot Ziva's Mossad bf. They put it in the damn TV series and explain really well how Americans feel about their lifelong counterpart, the Israel. TV in some ways reflects the reality, and this one really does.
  • NCIS knew that Rivkin shot their agent without a strong basis, yet the best they can do is ask him to leave the states.
  • Gibbs knew that Ziva witheld information that causes a US agent to be killed, but he still trust her anyway.
Bottom line, American government realised what Isreal is doing is bad, really bad but they chose to let it slip. I really could not comprehend what power the Israel had (and still have) over the US until they are so scared to stand up what is right to humanity in general, and to the point that they went all out to protect their alliances with the Zionist. Seriously I am baffled.

TV imitates reality and yet I could not get the logic.

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  1. i missed that episode! ahhhh!
    last weekend tried to cover NCIS LA back to back sampai ngantuk.. only managed 2 episodes though.


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