Friday, June 11, 2010

D Day - 15

World Cup is starting today!!! Am not gonna watch the Opening Match between Argentina vs the home team South Africa. Will be out for dinner with colleagues.

Who I support? Portugal of course ;) Boa suerte!!

p/s: Must get this month's edition of 4-4-2.


  1. how can u not watch tonight's match?! a malaysian referee will be the 4th official u know! hahaha apa punya alasan kah itu utk tengok opening match :-D as if we'll ever gonna see a glimpse of him.. 4th official dok kat bench jaga number players keluar masuk jek kan.. hahaha!
    p.s. more looking fwd to see shakira perform actually!

  2. hehehe... i punyala ignorant sampai who played pon bole salah..ade ke argentina, mexico la...sah2 i taktau the m'sian referee make debut malam ni ;)


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