Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ain't Life Interesting?

Wanted to update this but ran out of ideas. Currently watching the AI Denver Audition and suddenly it hits me!!! My sis text me earlier and told me Kris Allen is coming to KL!!!! Day : 8th Feb (freaking working day) , and I am in the middle of unit shutdown now, and no chance of even going back this weekend. Also, to make matters worst, the performance tickets are not up for sale. It has to be won via some radio contest, lucky SMS through...I was never that lucky.

So to cut story short, I cannot see Kris Allen this time around ;( He will have paid performance in Singapore on the 10th, and on any day I will buy the tickets in a heartbeat, but not this time. I'll have to be here, in PD, working!!!

And that is not the best part, ready.....? I am working on the freaking Chinese New Year weekend, not kidding, plant start up being brought forward to capture the high margin. And in this volatile market condition, who am I to say no? I have to cancel my Penang trip with the girls, which is such a bummer...

So February this year is definitely not my fav month, ain't life interesting?


  1. the good news is, u're not gonna celebrate chinese new year... =) i mean, be thankful u're not working on a hari raya or sth, right? lolz...
    all i'm saying is, everything has got a positive side of it... ;)

  2. yup, if its Hari Raya,I'll be the first one to go on strike!! hahaha...
    Happy advance CNY to you!! ;)


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