Friday, February 12, 2010


Its 9 pm....bosan siutt.....waiting for the furnace to be lit up. Just now they confirmed that will be done in about 2 hours time. Gan was saying to Shafiq, 'makwe' ni dah tunggu lama dah....
Lawak jugak when he refers me as 'makwe', well the terms for me, only suit young chic (not more than 25's, preferably high school grad, or some interns. I am way past the 'makwe' stage...hahahaha......

Goodness, they will be lighting up the furnace, then another 6 hrs before the actual thing can start, why do I have to wait? to monitor of course. I will spend the night with some 20+ guys, doing what? looking and staring at the monitor....hahaha....jangan jealous (anybody wants to switch places? )

Prepare to burn my midnight oil tonight, gambate!!!



  1. Alahai.. makwe tetap makwe per, kan?

    Sian kena stay back yer. Buleh claim cuti ke sbg ganti?

  2. Hehehe....pasal cuti, dah ckp ngan bos, kalo keje Pizza Hut, for each PH, they will get triple pay, so I want for each day I work, 3 days in lieu, my bos ckp, kalo camtu pi la keje Pizza, hampeh tul...

    but most likely one to one replacement, saje je nak test market, manala tau...hehehe...;)

  3. Hehe.. bos tuh memang tere jawab! Haha!

    Tp selalunye kalo tak dpt 3 days in lieu pon, at least 8 hours on PH = 1 day. (tuh time kat opis lama sy la)

    Test market mmg bagus sbb betul per.. mana la tau dari 3 days dpt 3 minggu ke. Heheheheh!


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