Friday, February 12, 2010

Back to Real World....

After I was high on few days with Kris Allen, am back to the real world. Today, like any other day, I came to work this morning. Knowing pretty much what to expect.....NOT!! (well I kinda half heartedly expected this). Yes, I have been asked to stay back for this particular work that needs yours truly to monitor it on hourly basis.

Nothing great or fancy, just some stuffs and they need the extra eye to look into it. I am not doing the actual work pon...So here I am in the Control Room waiting for the work to start in another couple of hours. The whole thing will take 22 hrs, not sure if I have to stay throughout, but if I have to, I have to. The girls will be heading to Penang for our retreat and I will be stuck here.......

Lucky that my February is saved by Kris much earlier, seriously ;p


  1. Happy Working!...ingat we still have SA! dun worry bout Penang..

  2. thanks ;) korang enjoy, amik gambar bnyk2 ek?


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