Monday, February 15, 2010

In a Snapshot

At last, my 'project' is done. It all started on 13th midnite, when they lit the furnace, and expected to go on for the next 20 hrs or so. However, we can only plan, few things happens during the process that makes the whole process took more than that. And I was in control room almost 95% of the time.

I started work on Friday the 12th, morning, 8am-ish, then stayed back waiting for preparation works and all, furnace lit in the midnite, so it touches 13th. Somehow along the process, pumps were not pumping, certain temperature got high, etc, etc....So ends up we only reaches the final steps yesterday morning, 14th Feb around 7 am-ish. Even then we could not stop, but the monitoring was not as intensed, so I decided to go back at 9 am. Call back the panel, they finally wrapped up around ~3pm.

When I calculated back the amount of hours, I was in CCB almost 42 hrs. And in between those time, I only went back like 2 hrs to shower and change(for 2 days) . I was literally living in CCB!! The shift is divided to 3 shift, (one shift works for 8 hrs). So imagine the shift guys comes in and out and the next day, the still sees me there. Here are some of the comments that I get:

  • Tak balik lagi?
  • Ko tak tidur ke? Nanti pengsan kang?
  • Ko bawak tilam la tido kat sini...
I know they were concerned about my well being, and there are few that suggested I took a nap at the massage chair (yes, we have OSIM or was it OGAWA? massage chair) in the CCB. But no way am I going to sleep there, with some 10+ guys roaming the room..(malu sehh...)

So yesterday I went back, took a shower and fall deep into sleep on my couch...yup I didn't even make it to the bed..

I guess one of the reason I can stay awake for that amount of time is probably just because I have been trained before (well, all those sleepless nite in uni and in PALAPES, does train the body to expect the worse). I survived the whole duration with only one mug of coffee(it makes me have headache anyway) and lots and lots of water to keep myself hydrated. Also, I took like 15-20 mins nap (on chair) just when I feel like I could not open my eyes anymore.

Will I do it again?Hmmm....let me think about it ;p


  1. Erkk.. lamanye stay back! Alahai sian dia yer.

    Rest and try to cover back your sleeping hours. :)

  2. thanks ;) ni pon tulis bila dah fresh...*mata bukak besar*


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