Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Watched Kris Allen LIVE!!!!

Warning : This post is more 'keduniaan' than ever..hahaha...donia..donia....

One more reason I was happy on Sunday is that I got this text saying that I won the Kris Allen showcase (on Monday night) ticks. Although at that point of time, I was still unsure about whether or not the sms is fraud or not, I still could not help to feel super duper excited. Since I worked over the weekend, workload are little bit less on Monday. So I asked for half day leave.

I went to MV hoping to get in line for the autograph session and yes I did, no 131 out of 200 (well actually more than 200 as they keep on adding more people later. Waited in line for like 3 hours (I did sneak in and out in between). Obviously I am among the old ones, there is a few aunties, which stay in the line for their kids, and there were even school kids with school uniform waiting there....

The autograph session went very quick, we're not even allowed to take pictures, or chose which inlay for Kris to sign, all must be done on the front part. The bodyguards were strict though, we can only shake hands, but some girls walk away giving Kris a hug ;) not me though... (nak mampus? hahaha)

The end results, a signed copy of Live Like We're Dying

So I went to the Gardens to collect my showcase tickets at around 6.45 pm, though at that time still unsure whether I have been duped or not. At last, got my pass!!!

Went in at around 8pm, people were running in and the astrolife passes allows me to go right in front of the stage. Kris only came out at 9pm. The show was superb, although I wish that he sang more of the Idol songs, but what the heck, he was good irregardless what song he sings. Crowd was crazy, although not as energetic (if compared to a rock concert). I must say the band was reeaalllyyy good. Am at the very front, and the stage for Kris was made potruded from the main stage. So I can only get his backside most of the time. But since the guitarist was good looking as well, I didn't mind looking straight ahead ;p

This is the good looking guitarist, kinda look like Det. Flack a bit..hahaha....

Since I got two passes, and a friend could not join me last minute, I gave the other to this guy, Nate who happens to stand in line before me during the autograph session.
It was really tiring as I was either standing or walking from 3 pm till 11 pm. That is whole 8 hrs!!! I went back sore all over. I said am only going to do this again if and only if either Kris Allen or Linkin Park coming, maybe can squeeze in BSB (if at all they come). But probably will be looking for more like Micheal Buble kinda performance.


  1. this is super cool!!!!!

    i'm not a fan of kris allen, but i like watching any kind of live performance. how did you manage to get the free tix anyway? you lucky girl!

  2. I just tried my luck masuk astrolife's contest, seriously tak sangka dapat, takut jugak kalo fraud, lucky it was not ;)

  3. very lucky! so this was the last minute plan on monday nite..haha..sorry beb..was held up with dinner..(which I forgot!)


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