Friday, February 19, 2010

My Sister's Keeper

Once in a blue moon, I will have this yearn to cry for no particular reason. I just need to release all this feeling that has been bottled up in some way. I know its weird but I guess that is my medium for venting. So I resorted to one of the things that I like, movies!!!

Last time I had a good cry was watching Sepi. I mean REALLY crying, most of other movies, I'll probably shed some tears comes the touching part. So last nite, out of nowhere, I watched My Sister's Keeper. The film was produced in 2009, and not sure whether it made its way to Malaysian cinema. Its a story about a girl whom the birth was genetically engineered to save her sister's life who has cancer. Her blood, bone marrow and numerous cells were taken since she was born, in the effort to save her sister's life.

When she turns 11, she sued her mother, asking for her to be medically emancipated. Its a family movie, a very heartbreaking one. I was crying, sobbing at some point throughout the whole movie. This morning my eyes hurt. But it sorts of release the emotions that was bottled up inside of me for whatever reason. The film also make me wonder, what if it happens to me or my family, you can never say never...

You may have heard of caffeine fix, or chillies fix, but for me this is my tears/cry fix. Definitely worth it!!

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