Sunday, February 7, 2010

What's Up Doc?

When I'm bored....I bake, when I feel like I need to do something...I bake, when I feel like tasting something different....I bake and definitely when I'm happy, guess what? I bake too ;)

My catalyst loading went well yesterday, and I decided to bake something as a reward to myself. I actually had this oven quite some time already, made few stuffs on it already, namely my almost famous Eggless Pinwheel cookies and what else, my favorite, carrot cake.
(rupa ada sikit buruk..coz yours truly masih in beginner stage, but the taste is superb!!)

So went back after Maghrib, head to PD town to buy the ingredients. Nothing fancy just the normal flour, sugar, carrot and stuffs. I was making carrot cake, and the only exquisite ingredient is walnut. PD town only have 2 main supermarket (cowboy town, what do you expect?) So I went to The Store, and suprise, suprise...they don't have walnut, not even almond, what more pistachio. The only nuts that they have is kacang panggang cap tangan, stocks for CNY ;p
So I tried the other store, Billion, and they have it, just that 50 gm cost RM 4.50!! I would need 200gm, easily RM18. So the next best thing is salted cashew..hahahaha...belasah la, janji bukan kacang panggang cap tangan.

I went back, make the batter and started baking.

I used my 'tried and works' recipe and instead of baking it in a pan, I bake it in small cups. To ease the eating process later ;) So I bake two tiers, set for 20 mins. The lower one took more than 20 mins to get done. The top one only took like 15 mins and it starts to crack.

I took it out, sample one of it, tasted weird though.... The carrot is not cooked and even the bottom is not browned yet.

The lower tier was done in ~30 mins. So I have to re-bake the top layer to make it cooked nicely. At first I thought because it was much smaller compared to pan, it would take shorter time to cook, but boy was I wrong. So lesson learnt, carrot cake is carrot cake, it will need the time to properly cook the carrot, irregardless the size.
And this morning this is the results. The biggest is for Ops, blue container for Lab people and smallest for Shafiq & Jignesh.


  1. Salam,

    Waaaaahh! So ini la oven baru dan koleksi2 masakan from it, eh? *thumbs up!

    Sy suka bebenor carrot cake tp tak penah buat sbb rasa mcm susah jek. Susah tak ek?

    *Rajin menjamu rakan sekerja yer? That's nice! :)

  2. Salam,

    Actually this one senang je, nanti sy bagi resipi, ni aktiviti bosan stuck kat PD ;)

  3. Salam,

    Ooo.. senang jek ek? Ha buleh la kasik resipi nanti. :D

    * Busan2 kat PD buleh gi pantai :D.


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