Monday, January 18, 2010

TM Sucks BIG Time!!!!

My house in KL has been emptied for quite some time when my sisters are on semester break and went back to Kedah. Since we took the package deal, phone and internet charges are still being charged to us. That is freaking RM 88+ RM 39 = RM 127 per month!!!!. Ok, so to cut the story short, I wanted to terminate the service, because each of us has mobile, and my sister is planning to buy the broadband.

I went to Kedai TM today, paid for all the months that we did not used, and wanted to terminate, and they said CANNOT!!! because the account holder is my father, so my father in Kedah suppose to terminate our KL account, I asked 'waris pon tak boleh ke?'. The answer is NO, annoying!! And I can only go back to SP end of the month with the phone and modem in order to terminate the service. And for Jan, we will still be charge for RM 127 (when we are not using it anyway).

I asked about the business hours for their Kedai TM in Kedah (since they have different weekends than KL), they service clerk as me to call 100, what the hell? I was there, might as well I ask, rite? So much for service centre.

And when I call the 100 no, the directory given was so confusing, as most of the menu will direct to self service product explaination stuffs, SUCKS!!!
I called in 103 for direct line no and the customer service rep told me all these Kedai TM dont have direct line, REALLY? You are kidding me right? No direct line? What kind of Kedai are you, TM some more you know...!!!!

After dialing in for the 3rd or 4th time (the 100 no) I finally managed to talk to the customer service rep. I only ask a single question,
'What is the operating hours for your outlet in Kedah'... but no they ask me at least 3 questions back, my name, my phone no, alternate contact no. Why for do you need all these info for? I know it just took like 2 minutes of my time, but I was already mad and upset from previous 'services'. Seriously the system is not customer friendly at all. SUCKS big time and also, the amount that I paid and did not use, TAK HALAL, HARAM OK!!! The board of directors menjawab la kat akhirat esok for all those kind of money that made into their account. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Memang patut 'POTONG!!!!"


  1. Salam,

    Yup! They suck!

    I had similar situation. They charged me RM90 per month for streamyx broadband that WAS NOT even installed at my house. I called their CC and complaint that how can you charge me when I don't even have the modem and the funniest thing was.. I didn't even have the house phone line anymore. *Mcm mana guna get kalo tak de fon line, kan? (Nih berlaku zaman pre-3G)

    I was told that I had to personally go to their Kedai TM and cancel bla bla. I told them why do I have to waste my time (KL and its parking issues) just bcoz you guys screw up? The guy said.. he couldnt do anything bla bla..


    I didn't go of course. The last time I checked.. my so called Streamyx bill was nearly RM 1k. Who cares, right? Coz I KNOW I haven't used ANY of that. Screw them!

    *Ok.. tarik napas.. hembuuuuuuuus.

  2. **dah hembus belum..hehehe...

    guess by now you would have received the letter from their lawyer asking you to pay + all the legal charge, well, all the best to them!! ;p

  3. Salam,
    Baru nak hembuuuus, lupa lak. Huhu..

    Well I got those bla bla documents ages ago but buat dunno jek. Tak kuasa layan. I heard that lots of people faced similar situation. Got charged by something that's not even used/there.


  4. omg that sucks big time!
    the funny thing is they say that their branch doesn't have a phone number??? what a joke!
    mau cancel account pun sikit punya susah.. ish ish ishhh

  5. hey spanish class registration for nx round just opened yesterday! r u joining? fees have increase though rm700 *sigh*

  6. really? nak!!! adoi..i budget 650, xpelah.. extra 50 can still bear it, thanks!! susana x email i pon ;p

  7. laa ye ke? i'll forward the e-mail to u. the e-mail that you out on ur profile page does it work? i'll send it there.


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