Monday, May 2, 2011

~Hakuna Matata~

means no worries for the rest of your life...

*please be warned, this post contains loads of picca :)
After 2.5 exhausting days of meeting, I get to unwind on Saturday. I have already booked a ticket to USS 2 weeks back, and made a point to be the earliest to get there, I knew there will be a lot of people due to the long weekend. When I got out from the hotel at 9am, it was drizzling and halfway to Vivo City, it was raining cats and dogs.
Universal I come :)
Luckily when I got to USS, the rain stopped, but the floor is still wet though. The crowd was building up at the entrance, these people must have been there since 6am I guess  :P 

I definitely wants to go there..far..far..away....

I only went for the Battlestar Galactica ride and it was fun!! The rest of the time I went in and out the shows. Shrek 4D is highly recommended!! I wish I could go for second round, but the queue was too long. USS is a smaller than I thought it would be. Definitely Genting has more rides and easily we can spend the whole day there. 

Only one for me today
I did some browsing through the overpriced gift shop, and then I decided to call it a day and head back to hotel. 

After lunch, I went out on a mosque hunt. At first I wanted to go to Masjid Jamae, in Chinatown, but since my timing is quite limited, I detour to Masjid Sultan in Arab Street area. The masjid is clean and very well kept. The ablution area is nice, comes with steel rail to place your feet, which is very convenient. 
From the front entrance
Cantik kan? ceria betul tempat wudhuk..
After that, I made way to the Esplanade, just to check out how does the ‘durian’ looked up close.
After not more than 15 minutes there, I made way to Marina Bay Sands. Long lines of people waiting to get to the Skypark. The interior of the hotel is magnificent, with 3 towers, made up to one roof. The lowest rate, I was told is ~SGD 400, that is close to RM1K for one freaking nite!!
View from bottom
I was looking up most of the time!!
We made our way to the Skypark FOC (tourist have to pay SGD 20 to get to rooftop), complimentary of a friend who works there :) 
View from the top. That odd looking structure is an art and science museum, I did not went in there..

Singapore Flyer
This friend of mine actually works at the Marina Bay Sands Casino, I was actually offered to enter the casino, but I declined. I was taken to the viewing area of the whole casino. They have the first floor for commoners to gamble, entry for tourists are free, but PR and SG citizens have to pay SGD100 for entrance.  And up in the exclusive 2nd and 3rd floor sits the high rollers in their respective gambling room. I was told they have to actually commit to a minimum amount of SGD 100K to start gambling…(dah terbayang a comfortable town house – a little bit outside KL
Whats next? I was given a complimentary ticket to watch The Lion King Theater at Sands Theater. :D

I don't think I can afford this on my own, World Cup ticket, yeah!!!
I was seated on the 7-8th row from the stage (freaking awesome!!!) and see who I spotted just two rows away. 
Very african feeling
Dom was playing with gadgets most of the time, kinda similar with Marion in dieya's post
 The theatre was great, stage works was exceptional. I like the young Simba and the young Nala’s voice was mesmerizing. The show starts slightly after 8pm and finished around 10.30pm. 

The cast, I was warned after taking this shot :P
After taking some night shots of those modern architectural of SG, I took a bus and head back to hotel. 
I simply lovveee this picture
Dan pasti ibu-ibu di luar penasaran deh, siapa temannya yang udah bawa aku jalan-jalan di atas bumbung, pakai kasi tiket teater lagi….ya orangnya tidak lain dan tidak bukan, chowok yang bikin kontroversi semenjak dari post yang lalu…So dieya, another gambar berukuran poskad for your eyes only ;)
With the host, he made me feel so short!!! and mind you I am 160 cm++
He is single but not so much available, jadi, udah ya gosipinnya ibu-ibu? ;) He’s being nice for old time’s sake.


  1. Jeet,
    Seronoknye dapat tengok theatre Lion King! Mesti best giler kan? Jeleeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!
    * mesti terkodek-kodek kaki time derang nari and nyanyi, kan? :D

    Eh, kita nak sama la tinggi. Saya 162cm. *calit!* Hehe!

    * Selagi si dia tak naik pelamin, gossip akan terus diwar-warkan :D

  2. teringat masa i tengok lion king kat paris. tak paham sepatah coz everything in french, but i enjoyed it nonetheless!

    sokong aida! *sambil angguk laju2*

  3. aida, terhangguk-hangguk kepala gak a..especially time lagu hakuna matata...

    waa...lebih kurang tinggi, bole jadi sisterhood of travelling pants :D

    dieya , dorang ckp la bahasa apa pon, the expression that makes all the message came across kan ?

    as for the chowok... no comment xo !!

  4. hambi hamboi hamboi.... patutlah cenonoknyer dia jalan-jalan maka hangin...... ado tukang pimpin kalau tersandung..

    aarrgghh jeles!

  5. kak bg jawapang stended.. no comment :f


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