Friday, April 29, 2011

After 17 years!!

Am in SG right now. Been here for the past few days attending meeting. Have not been going out at all. What I did was woke up, go meeting, got back, order room service and repeat the same cycle for 2 days. Today the meeting ended earlier at 2++pm and I got back to hotel around 3pm.

And I just got back from meeting him ;)
Us :)
Meet Mr Alvin Chew Seen Yi. He is my longest classmate ever. We were in the same class in 1A2, 2A1, 3A1, 4A1, 5A1, and 6A1 in SRK Jalan Hang Tuah (2) KL (1988-1993). We parted ways in high school. He went to VI and I went to BB. Last I saw him was when we were 13, I guess....after that no more.

When I found out that I'll be attending meeting in Singapore, I contacted him right away, lucky that he was on my FB!! At first we wanted to have a proper sit down dinner, but who knows S'pore city is so crowded on Friday night, we just have to lepak somewhere by the roadside and settle with some take away kebab.

Honestly, I was a bit nervous meeting him, seriously, after all these years!! At first we were both kinda lost for words, after some usual catch up questions, things start to warms up. We talked about daily life (both are singles at 30..hehehe..) so you know what the topic is about. After a while, I can pretty much hold a decent conversation with him :O

He walked me back to hotel and it was great that I get to meet him. Both of us still looks like how we used to look in Std 6. If I can find some old pics of me and him, I'll post it here :)


  1. ehem ehem...... errrrkkkkk ehem ehem...... huuurrrrkkkk... banyak angin lak perut kaktek la ni....

  2. eh lupa nak amin.... aminnnnnnn......

  3. cepat nau aminnya kak tek..doa makan ke doa tidor..? ;p

  4. Jeet,
    Muahahaha! Mula-mula nak tumpang gelak kat jawapan Jeet ke Kak Tek. Bravo! :D

    Kalo saya jadi Jeet la, rasanya memang saya tak gi jumpa kot. Nervous weh!

    Ni dah boleh borak-borak, next time jumpa mesti lagi rancak, kan? :)

  5. nampak je thumbnail of u with a guy on my blogger dashboard.. tak cukup jari i nak click the link tauuu!!!

    owh this is so sweet! amiiiiiiin!
    *tumpang aminkan doa kaktek hihihi*

    aida, ada ke takmo jumpa.. rugi tau :-D

  6. Jeet,

    I pun nak tumpang kak tek & dieya meng'amin'kan...

    oowwhhhh, kalau i, sah tak mau jumpa...maluuuuu...
    but i salute you la dear, berani tuuu.
    thumbs up chica!

  7. aaahhh... tidak...spekulasi menular, ni semua kak tek pnya pasal.. :P

    aida, okla boleh borak, tapi bila next time nye, xtau lagi, dia sibuk bebenor citernye,

    dieya, i tergelak2 ngan jawapan u, ade ke x ckp jari..sekali sekala letak gambar i ngan chowok, semua jadi kaget deh... :)

    maya, sayang kalo x jumpa, lagipon ni la kawan sesama jaman kecik comot2 dolu2, how often i can get the chance, ye tak? :D


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