Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Catching Up Time

On Sunday, after breakfast I head over to Borders across the street, there were some talks about that borders closing down (make sense since the one in Times Square downsize from double-stories with huge part of the floor coverage, down to one small lot that fits better to a convenient store). When I went it, I did not see a significant bargain, and in fact, the prices are slightly above Malaysian market. So probably this outlet is making money…

I already had a lunch date secured with a former contractor that I work with back in 2009. Normally I did not really share much with contractors on personal level, but with these two persons, I can get along with them very well. They once told me if I ever get to SG, let them know. I met Erick first, as the other one, Claire has a preplanned lunch and she joined us later. Erick took me to Ayam Penyet Ria, at Lucky Plaza on Orchard Road, located on 2nd floor.

He is from Medan, and according to him, this is the best affordable place if he feels like eating something from home. Erick no longer work at that company so we pretty much talked about his new work. We were too busy eating and talking, I forgot to snap pictures.
typical ayam penyet menu
Erick also showed me around Orchard Road and we went to the Orchard Central. We also went to the rooftop but only stayed there for a while. As we were going down, I accidentally saw this shop!!!  :r
me and Erick
We went in. I expected the shop to have more gadgets, but I was a bit disappointed to see the limited display. They do however have these cute aprons, but as always, overpriced :P
wannabe alrite!!
After that we both walked to ION mall to meet Claire. Erick hangs around while waiting to meet his girlfriend. At first Claire wanted to treat me to this fine tea shop, TWG, but the queue was so long we decided to hang out at Starbuck in the end.  We spoke about work, career progression, SG common issues (GE around the corner..) and many more things. It’s good to catch up with her, she walked me back to the hotel and that was pretty much what I did that day.
the tea we didn't get to taste

the china we didn't get to use :P

the ever sweet Claire
I normally do not make new friends that often, but with Claire and Erick, it feels right. I now officially have one Indonesian and one Singaporean friend 8) (tu pon nak kecoh…)


  1. Wah Jeet, balas dendam nampak? sampai 2 entries tuuu...

    re chowok....officially still single mahhh. no ring yet... :P

    re SG - did you go to ToTT? - Tools of The Trade at 896 Dunearn Road. They occupied the lot at Sime Darby Centre. Juling mata you.... I went there couple of times already and still mata I juling....

  2. maya, actually dah draft on separate days, but bila publish it came out on same day, xtau nape :~

    aduh bu...soal chowoknya ngak abis lagi ya? :ice
    i tak tau pon pasal ToTT, xpe, there will always be next time, and i'll make sure i'll go there :e

  3. Jeet,
    Menu tu kalo boleh bawak balik, ok gak. Buleh tenung time lapo :D

    Mahal ek barang-barang kat AFC store tu? Apron sehelai berapa, Jeet?

  4. i can't help but to notice that erick is cute!
    lain semua dah tak nampak.. nampak cowok itu sahaja.. :-D

  5. aida, tenung menu time lapar? haish..buleh tembus menu tu... :) one apron cost SGD 39.90 kalo tak silap, we were joking, buat sdr pon boleh, and we splash the paint, nak bagi nampak real, plus we can add more colour...dasar kudukut...hehehe...

    dieya, oohh...too bad erick is taken :P chowok indon ganteng ya!!


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