Saturday, May 28, 2011

C02-The meaning behind your blog name

My blog name is "Over the Rainbow, Beneath the Dark Cloud". I know its rather long, but somehow I love it anyway. It all started with Somewhere Over the Rainbow, as I love the song too much (I guess you knew that already by now).

I have always been infatuated by rainbows, I stopped just by the sights of it. Even when I was in school, we learnt about prism and ray of lights, and how it breaks into 7 different colours. The simple expriment intrigues me. I saw this one movie, the scene shows a table lamp, made full of glass crystal with various prism shape. It was placed by the window, and everytime the sunrise, the walls will be filled with rainbow. I surely would like to have that kind of lamp one day... I wish..

I believe in life, it is not always bright and shiny, there bound to be dark clouds, but somehow beneath the dark cloud which most of the time followed by crazy thunderstorm and without fail the assured there will be rainbow coming up next. We've experienced the bad, if not worse, but we'll get rewarded at the mesmerizing sight of a rainbow....And that is how we should look at life's trial and tribulation.

"Kadang-kadang ALLAH sembunyikan matahari, DIA datangkan hujan petir. Kita bersedih dan tertanya-tanya kemana hilangnya matahari , rupa-rupanya, ALLAH nak hadiahkan kita pelangi yang indah. ALLAH berikan kita kesusahan sebab DIA nak berikan kesenangan sekiranya kita tabah dan terus berusaha."

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  1. Jeet,
    Agree. Life will always test us in different ways. The only thing that we can do is learn from it, bounce back and laugh it off. :)


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