Saturday, May 21, 2011

Where to?

I am killing time before lunch, and yes, I am at work. Some interesting articles in Yahoo that keeps me awake thus far. Not sure of the validity though since they do have some track records of giving out dubious info. But nonetheless, this is interesting: 10 overrated tourist attraction

They not only listed the overrated spot, but they also provided the alternatives...well, its a matter of time before the alternatives becomes overrated.. :D Out off all the alternatives, I may put Azores in my list. Who knew I can catch a glimpse of C. Ronaldo there? :P

Credit to Pakcik Google
Aida, dah sampai sini ke? ;)


  1. Uwaaaa cantik nyerrrr. Moh kita packing cepat!

  2. Jeet,
    Alahai.. malunya saya sebab the 1st on the overrated list is The Louvre. Saya dah gi sana. Tapi betul tau, kecik jek gambo si minah Mona Lisa tu pastu nak snap gambo kena bersesak dengan orang. Huhu!

    The amazing picture is Azores? I once had a blogger friend from there (she works in the island's tourism or something, I think) and she's always so proud of its beauty. Memang cantik sungguh, kan? Saya tak pernah gi lagi.. jom kumpul duit tabung jom! :D

    Psst.. adakah ini projek agung hujung tahun? :D

  3. join jeet, kak pah and aida packing! nak ituuuuuuttttt!!!!

  4. Hi Jeet, this one place I sure would love to visit, for fishing. Nice place too I heard from friends.
    You have a nice days....Lee.
    ps, I have the same song playingtoo, ha ha.

  5. aida, apa nak least you've been there, doesn't matter whether its overrated or not, its the experience that matters, and sadly this is not the project agung, yang tu dekat2 je.. :h

    dieya, we should plan a trip together kan? ;) at least we know for sure 2 top chefs will take care of our food!! :e

    uncle lee, go on, and tell us about it, your insights are catchy :)
    p/s: what song is it? i have too many in my playlist ;)

  6. no 8... disney florida... haishhh... hampir2 nak pergi... 9 hrs driving je dr charlotte, nak kena pindah texas pulak..... tabung ayam pi new york belum start isi balik..


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