Sunday, May 29, 2011

Told Ya!!

I have a confession, people always talk about closeted gay or lesbian, and don't worry, I'm not one of them. :P I am a closeted football fan. Many people did not know, except for few chosen ones. This is because I never watched football outside the comfort of my home. And I never really lepak with guys and talk football with them. I don't parade in my MU's jersey the day after they clinched the 19th BPL title. I keep it all to myself.

Once I wore the jersey to work, and my colleague noticed that, and he immediately assumed that I am an MU fan. Let me clear the air, I don't support clubs, I support nations, Portugal and Spain to be exact ;) If at all any matches between the clubs, my hierarchy of supporting would be like this:
  1. No Chelsea..die die no Chelsea... :)
  2. If MU vs Liverpool, I would enjoy the game, but maybe I will root for MU (that is when C.Ronaldo was still there, but now.. I dunno..hehehe...)
  3. If any BPL club vs. La Liga club, hands down, La Liga (¿en qué estabas pensando?)
  4. If Barça vs Real Madrid... I would still enjoy the game very much, but my heart goes to Real, because they have my Ricardo Carvalho and C.Ronaldo ;)
So get the picture?

Last nite was the UEFA Champions League final at Wembley, its MU vs Barça. My colleague who saw me wearing the blue Man U jersey, forwarded a viewing party invitation for the live telecast. He and some other guys are watching. At first I have some reservation to join, because almost all of them are MU's hardcore fan. But what the heck, I'll just go and enjoy the game ;) and I was really hoping Barça to kick some MU's asses by the end of the game. Out of the 20 odds people there, only less than 5 was rooting for Barça, and when Pedro scored on the 27th minute, I only heard my voice screaming...hahahaha....

The few MU's fan in front of me were smoking profusely, and when it looks like there is no chance that MU can recover, more smokes came in my way. This validated my previous decisions to watch football at home. No smoke, just peace and quite, and I was able to view in any position I deemed suitable :r in my nightwear!!

So by now the whole world again being served the fact that Spanish football is yet the greatest in Europe. It was amazing to see Messi at work getting passed by 5 of MU's defence, all at one go. Superb!! and Villa's curved ball left everybody speechless, seriously ;) 
los chicos felices :)
So why did I bought that blue Man U jersey in the first place? Because its blue, and I don't like Chelsea, and also because C. Ronaldo looks so good wearing the long sleeve one, yes, I am vain :D


  1. wooooohooooo!!!!! barca es el mejor! MEJORRRRRR~~~!!!
    soy una chica de barca, siempre!!!

  2. hola amigo... err bien.. sie... tu je kaktek tau...

    pssttt jeet, dieya.. add kaktek lam fesbuk.. tak puas ngutuk ler kt sini...ngeh.

    Batek Jawa (bukan nama sebenar)

    nanti kaktek yg real add korang balik..

  3. dieya, si, si, barca es el mejor ;)

    kak tek, dah add, tapi nape ayatnya cmni "Batek only shares some profile information with everyone. If you know Batek, add him as a friend." him??


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