Friday, May 27, 2011

C01-A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Hi there!! The first of the series. I am in the middle of plant shutdown, hence the recent picture is a bit messy ;)
15 interesting facts of myself..hmm..this is difficult :P
  1. My parents both are from Kedah, but they met each other in KL. I was born in Pahang, but raised in KL. At home we speak hardcore Kedah dialect, despite growing up in KL.
  2. I am the second in 6 siblings, all girls :)
  3. All of my siblings (except the last 2) did not went to kindergarten, but I managed to read at the age of 5+ (thanks to my mom, the home tutor)
  4. I spent humongous amount of time in front of TV, since young. There is nothing much my mom can do to get me away from the box, till now...
  5. I learn proper English from watching too much TV, I always liked watching TV, but one day my Std 4 English teacher told us to watch more English show to improve our command in the language, and I proudly use that each time my mom banned me from watching TV..hehehe... :D
  6. Goes crazy when it comes to lavender & lemon smell
  7. I can imitate a drawing quite well, but not drawing from scratch (I have low level of imagination).
  8. I am scared of high places, not because I was afraid of falling, but more scared that I would jump!!
  9. My first cake that I bake was carrot cake, it turns out really bad, and it wasn't edible at all. I have to throw the whole thing. It took me more than a few years to finally attempted to bake another one.
  10. Once in Standard 4 or 5, I joined in dancing competition, and we (my partner and I) got second place!! I was dancing tango to a song called Delaila (I think!!)
  11. My high school friends that I hang out with till now is the one that are the same class with me in Form 1only. In form 2 I switched classes but still hangs out with them, and we continued till today ;)
  12. Once in a while I have this need to cook or bake to feed people, and off late, I have been making few rounds of brownies and it was a hit...I loike!!
  13. I have a niece who shared the same birthday as I am!!
  14. Am not fond of other peoples kid, meaning even if they are my best friends' child, I won't took liking in them immediately. I'll see how they behave, and then I'll consider whether to like them or not, but I was never going ga-ga for any babies (who say the kids will like me too? perasan!!)
  15. Am not an animal lover. I see cat, no doubt they are cute and all, but I will not entertain them for any means.
Since most of the tags that I have done asked basically the same thing, I kinda struggled for this one, I think there is not much interesting facts after all :)


  1. 5) all hail to tv!
    6) good crazy or bad crazy?
    7) me too! sometimes when i get bored in traniing or meeting i would see whatever pic around me that i can copy onto my writing pad.
    10) wowwwww!!!
    13) and i hv a cousin that shares my birthday

  2. i'd go good crazy, i love the smell so much!!
    we have more and more things in common, amazing!! ;)

  3. Jeet,
    2) Girl power! Adik-beradik saya pon suma pompuan :)
    5) Totally agree! Happened the same with me :)
    7) Hey.. how bout putting some here, eh? :)
    10) Ahhh how I wish there was a video of it. Hmm.. is there? :D
    15) *high 5!* Me too! Jauh buleh.. dekat, nehi!


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