Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just a quick one

Few things has been happening these past few days. Remember when I mentioned that I report to 2 persons? Guess what? both of them are leaving. And these 2 gents reports to a bigger bos, he has left effectively this new year.

Though they are not leaving the company, I feel that I am going through a big loss. They are moving to better position and we saw that coming quite a while ago, but when the news is confirmed, only then we started to think really seriously. We know people are coming in to replace them, some of it we know really well. Someone who used to be my bickering partner, will soon be my boss,, don't get me wrong, he deserves the place and I have a feeling he will be a good one, better than the last one, I hope. Just that the level of interaction may be somewhat different now.

Change is coming and I really have to keep my nose clear to smell where the cheese has been taken and be quick to go after it!!


  1. good luck with your new boss!
    jangan bicker2 kay.. hahaha!

    psst.. dah register B1? i've already got susana's e-mail twice :-D

  2. OMG? Siapa siapa? Hahaha. The most important thing is, you can have a personal and a professional relationship. Though challenging, I'm sure you can balance it and keep them separate. All the best!

  3. Jeet,
    Hey.. here's a thought. Why don't you volunteer to fill in the shoes? :D *seriously*

  4. dieya,thanks, i akan jadi pompuan melayu terakhir lepas ni,sopan santun lagi,hehehe...

    asma,FY is moving to khazakstan an MLL is taking his place (saje bagi suspense,tats why all the initials)

    aida,hamba belum layak naik takhta,tkt nanti br sebln kat atas dah kena guling,hahaha...

    p/s:finally know how to move to next line : ) tapi letihla...

  5. Fauzi going to Kazakhstan? WOW! I bet the package must be good.

    If Muk is your future supervisor, then give him some time to adjust. Hopefully things work out :-)


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