Friday, October 8, 2010


I read this over a lunch last weekend,
Amazingly,I finished it in just one seating (nowadays its very hard to concentrate, maybe the age is a factor?). Its a simple yet profound insights on how people react to changes, be it in personal life or at work. I can identify myself really quickly as being a 'Hem'. (A subtle way to say I am a procrastinator!!)

For the past one week, I have been running in my own maze, with no proper planning and strategy, not quite aimlessly but could have been done better. The book is simple, to implement what it suggested is another question. Am not saying that I could not do it, but its a work in progress.
yes, published in 1998, I am 12 years behind ;p

Buena suerte!! ;)


  1. i read the book some 5 years ago kot. itu pun coz my former boss suruh baca coz he wanted to feature it in one of our retreat programme. didn't even finish it. do u know there's a video on it? lepas tgk the video tak kuasa dah nak habiskan baca.. hahaha!

    nos vemos manana, si?

  2. oohh..ade video ek, mesti kiut miut tikus tu terkejar-kejar carik cheese ;)

    si si...nos vemos manana!!

  3. I bought the book last year and passed it around. Loved it. Simple and true. I like my many cheese ;-)

    I'm glad you like it too.

  4. asma, the more cheese the better i guess :)

  5. its a simple reminder to all of us not to be too complacent. betul tak?
    hhmmm wat's ur fav cheese jeet? cheese? feta cheese? tersasar topik pulak i nie..


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