Friday, January 28, 2011

Wholemeal Doughnut

I am so sorry for not updating this quite a while, nak amik award pon kena postpone kejap ye...
Just a quick one to cure my kempunan posting ;)
wholemeal doughnut

I have had bad experience with yeast before, tried to make bread, did not come out right. So next attempt is doughnut. I took the recipe from this blog. I portioned the ingredients to half (solo-molo, this is only a trial, tak jadi membazir pulak...)

Alhamdulillah, it turns out OK, apart from the a bit over the top yeast taste. I have to reduce that next time around. The only thing is that with the recipe, I have to measure 10 gm of some of the ingredient, my weighing scale is 25gm minimum, so I have to calibrated the weight with my eyesight...hahaha...boleh gitu? ;)
Pardon the slightly burned look as I used canola oil (low smoke point), hence it heated up very quickly, but its not burnt anyway. Also the use of wholemeal flour just add to the darker shade.

But am still not very satisfied with the whole thing, well, practise make perfect rite? ;)


  1. Rajin sungguhmu Jeet! Semangat tu yg penting, jgn give up yo!

  2. Jeet,
    Bak sini I try, test, tengok....
    Ala jeet, tengok pun dah tau dah...sedappppp

  3. kak yong, sendiri buat sendiri makan..sendiri malas..sendiri kempunan..hehehe...

    maya, sedap mata memandang...x berapa sedap lidah merasa..tapi okla, bole masuk tekak sendiri, so sendiri comment ler...;)

  4. Jeet,
    Hey.. work that DSLR! Nice shot! *thumbs up!* Does this mean that we will be seing more? :D

    Sedap tengok doughnuts tu, Jeet (mula la nak cuba buat ni :D). Saya pernah sekali je buat doughnut, resipi tu cakap dough akan naik double in 30 minit, saya tunggu 1 jam 20 minit... dok leper gitu gak. Haha! Lepas tu terus tak buat dah.


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