Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Breaking Out

I did not have a good working year last year, few things happened and am not dwelling on the tiny little details here. Bottom line, I promised to myself to slowly work on it this year ;). I was never a talker at work, anything that I do, I normally did not really tell other people (progress update etc...), and most communication is being done once I completed the work. So from 3rd party point of view, I did not really look as if I am doing my work. I was being invisible (I think...)  most of the time. I pretty much hang out with the same crowd over the years, in that sense did not really expanded my social network. Being an introvert, these are the few challenges that I need to work on.

Today I had a meeting with a few engineers (me the only lady, as usual), we need to work on an item that is for the umpteenth times none has been able to complete and get it running. We stick to the agenda and the meeting finished with some 20 mins to spare. One of the engineer started talking about him finally buying the i-Phone. He is a tech freak, you name all the latest gadget, he must have discovered it 1-2 years ago. So am a bit surprised that he is converting to i-Phone only now, after they have released the version 4. It turns out that there is this apps that allows him to navigate a remote helicopter (toys of course) and he intend to use that during his paintball games. And then the whole meeting start talking about the paintball fantasy and a bunch of guys stuffs, i mean missiles on heli...pastu ntah hape-hape lagi which I only understand the gist of it. 

Suddenly one guy asked another guy for his BBM, and the meeting organiser took note as well. I was about to leave when I said, "I only use phone for message and call, and that's about it", the reply that I get is "Blackberry is now becoming the engineering standard..hahaha..."

So I guess am not up to standard yet ;p

Anyhow, that is not the point, the whole less than 20 minutes thing made me realise how much comfortable I feel outside my comfort zone. I don't hang out with these guys (yela..sume suami orang ma...) but then I still have the ability to adapt to their conversation. So why am I alienating myself for the past one year? The question that I still have no answer, but I intend not to cause myself to ask again come end of this year, ;)


  1. Jeet,
    Hey.. now that you said you've realised it, then now is a good time to just let yourself go. As in, belasah dan redah jek. Kan? :)

  2. Jeet,
    BB the engineering standard? oh tidakkkk..i disagree with ur colleague's statement...hehhee.
    sekarang nie zaman dah berubah. we've got iphone tat can do wonders with a touch of a finger; as well as other smartphones that operates on android, symbian os, windows to name a few.
    character building takes quite sometime. just equip yourself with knowledge. and remember to keep youself as updated as possible. that way, u can blend in easily to any conversation regardless of age, gender & background. that's the whole trick. i dulu pun cam u jugak jeet, pendiam. sampai orang label i as sombong.
    not to worry ok dear, you still have a long way to go. all the very best ok in ur career! :P

  3. aida, motto of the year, belasah je..hehehe...

    maya, thank you madam VP (cam best je dapat personalised advice) jgn charge consultancy fee sudah la ye.. ;) definitely, i'll work on it, thanks!!


“Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you." ~ William Arthur Ward...

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