Saturday, January 15, 2011

Astro Movies : Great Day

Am on leave today, am meeting Shaz later and as usual, when I have time to kill, I check out the latest movies. Arrived in KLCC at 11 am. Was hoping to catch The Tourist but the only available show is later in the afternoon. None of the film shown interest me. I walked away from the counter and stumbled upon this one poster, the rating shows 'U', good enough for me to make a u turn back to the counter. 

Background - bendang in Perlis
 When I ask for the ticket, the girl reminded me its a Chinese movie, I said yes, noting that I know that when I asked for the tickets. Well, I could not blame her, as out of around 10 people in the hall, me as usual the only Malay watching Chinese movie (I did for Shinjuku Incident, Infernal Affairs, and some other Chinese movie that I can't remember already)

My verdict, it funny, hillarious at times but also touching at certain point. Its a feel good family movie and proves that Malaysian can make good movies too ;) I do not listen to MY FM as I don't really comprehend Mandarin, but watching the movie reminds me of my school days. There are certain parts of the movie they spoke Cantonese apart from other dialect, and its close to my heart as most of my classmate spoke that language (I even learnt to swear in Cantonese back then...).   

The story line is typical, but the cast made it more lively, the scenery is picturesque, background were taken at lush green paddy field up north and the view is breathtaking!!

All in, once in a while watching a film like this reminds you the importance of having family and close friends by your side, and how important for you to be there for them as well.

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