Friday, January 14, 2011

Jakun @ play!!

I have been using hotlink prepaid card since I started using phone,the basic sim (64kb) that doesn't even gets 3G services. Today am on leave,finally I changed to the 'uptodate' sim card! and guess what,am blogging via my phone,thanks to the 1hr free internet with rm15 hot ticket purchase : ) and now I don't know how to start new line,or paragraph for that matter :p.... till then...ciào!


  1. i only changed to 3G after i went to korea and my phone couldn't call out coz it wasn't 3G!
    though 3G doesn't add much value to me.. terpaksalah.. gi overseas takleh guna phone mmg sgt tak best!

  2. Jeet,
    Ahaks! Saya mau join itu jakun club! I was trying to make a post with my mobile yesterday and had the same jakun experience like you. I ended up not doing it :D

  3. dieya, biasela tu, dah kena baru nak buat, nampak sgt we don't really abuse the technology ;)

    aida, jakun club is officially open ;) letih blogging ngan phone, PC jugak yang senang...hahaha...


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