Tuesday, January 18, 2011

de mí que yo: mi versión

It turns out I have more similarities to this girl than I thought I have ;) Or maybe its just a coincidence. From her post I am inspired (iyolah tu..plagiarism is more appropriate actually) to put up this post.

When I was on top of Table Mountain, I bought a handful of postcards to be mailed back home and I was running low on cash to buy any other souvenir. So I sat down, and decided to send one to yours truly as well. 

bunch of them to be posted back home

see the things that I ticked ;)

Hi me!!
I wrote this while having coffee at the Table Mountain top cafe, the same day German trash Argentina 4-0 and yours truly was there to witness it LIVE ;)


  1. Jeet,
    Alahai.. kiutnye! Dari saya untuk saya . I like!

    Dok gelak kat "I'll be... needing funds". Muaha! But hey, once in a life time eperience.. priceless!

  2. banyak nyer u hantar postcard!!!

    you know what.. i almost bought the exact same one, but i didn't because i takmo nanti sendiri sakit jiwa coz tengok gambar ekor whale that i didn't see! kes OCD melampau laa ni.. boleh tak? :-D

    and i bought mine at the stall next to table mountain's ticket counter. i have a feeling you bought yours there too???

  3. aida, yup...rasenye i'll be needing funds tu setiap masa boleh pakai tapi crucial time pi choti-choti la kann..? ;)

    dieya, i pon frust takleh tgk whale, and yes, i beli kat the gift shop, i think much better there compared to shops outside kan?

  4. what an excellent idea! poskad adalah souvenir yang paling best! nak buat jugak

  5. heeek.... baru baca entry yg sama...
    soklan yg sama lah kaktek bagi...

    boley tak anto omeh pada diri sendiri tapi rege omeh tu org lain yg bayo? (soklan tak skola)

  6. Jeet,
    same q tat i ask dieya,
    postcard i mana? uwaaaaaaaaa......:P

  7. asma, recommended practise...chewah.. ;)

    kaktek , boleh...janji orang lain tu abe gapo..hehehe...

    maya, sorry, i think poskad u tersangkut atas table mountain, xpe, len kali i pi mane2, i'll make sure you get one too ;) insyaAllah!!


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