Monday, January 31, 2011

Jeet (Jack) of all trades?

Eventhough Golden Globe just passed and Oscar is yet to come, I am way overdue in collectiong this award. The lovely Cik Patin tagged me and as expected, I have to put up 7 facts of yours truly.

1. When I was young (actually I still am) I was VERY lazy (this is also still am). I only cleaned the room, tidy up once in every 1-2 weeks. My mom has actually ran out of ways to get me to the house chores. Luckily my older sister is the 'rajin' type. So most of the time I got away, and what was I doing while she is completing the house chores? Watch TV of course!!!

2. I watched all kinds of show in all sorts of languages. Most people that I know would either watch things that are in their mother tongue or majority spoken off. Not sure where this fascination of languages came about as I am born and raised 100% Malay :)

3. I didn't really blogged fully in Malay except for some odd occasion. Reason being, I could not stand typing improper Malay (which means all the shortcuts and stuffs) but I don't mind reading it on others (Aida's, Kak Yong's and Kak Tek's blogs sound just fine to me :) I know its weird but I could not explain why. If I started to blog in Malay, maybe and just maybe Dewan Bahasa will link to my blog as reference (I know...ini sudah lebih..hehehe......)

4.I have many interest (cooking, knitting, writing, commenting on football matches, traveling..etc..etc..), but none that I can make a living out of it. Maybe its time for me to focus being good at certain stuffs, so that I can have a stable side income..hhmm....

5. After SPM, I remember saying that I am not going to be an engineer (am not that good in Physics to begin with) So I applied for Diploma in Industrial Chemistry because out of all the science subject, Chemistry is my best. After diploma, during choosing the degree courses, I was so fed up with the lack of facility in Applied Science faculty, and wanted to do TESL (Teaching Language as Second Language) programme, but one of my friend managed to convince me to choose Chemical Engineering instead. After 3 years+ of torture, I landed a job here and voila, I am engineer..!!

6. My first oversea trip is to Phillipines in 2007, and I threw up after having my first in flight meals. The whole thing came out like nobody's business. I have always had this travel sick from young. We used to go 'balik kampung' by bus and my mum would spare one plastic bag for me to discharge my stomach content, every single time. Nowadays as I travel more often, I managed to overcome it already :P

7. I am reaching the big 3-0 this year, and I intend to map out a 10 years plan to look faboulous in 40s. Well, none that require liposuction or anything that involves going under the knives. Its more about living healthily and being in good shape even at 40 :D

So there it goes, another 7 random facts of yours truly. Most all of the people in my link have been tagged, so I guess that concludes this round ;)


  1. 1. ish2.. this is one thing we don't have in common!

    2. okay, back to something in common. but indon and indian languages i kureng sikit.

    3. me too! and when i type in malay, rasa macam maksud tak sampai. tatau laa if i'm the one yg kurang vocab ke apa.

    4. i want to make a side income too.. but i guess that will have to wait till i'm done with MBA.. takut tak terkejar

    5. never say never!

    6. omg you did?! me airsick takde, but seasick amatlah selalu. takleh masuk navy.

    7. 40 is the new 30!

    the tag cycle ends here? cehhh!

  2. hahahaa...indon i boleh tahan lagi, but tamil makes me sick..hehehe...(hindustan boleh pulak)!!

    enough kot for this round ;) i dah tak tau sape nak tag, nanti i invent a new one, bole? hahaha...

  3. Owh patut le Jeet tulih in a very fluent English, engineer ropanya, sowilah akak ketinggalan ketapi yo! Tp baguih tuh, young people should explore many more languages selain their own mother tongue's. Akak klu tulih sume omputih kang marah pakcik internet, asek2 line merah manjang! heeee .. anyway, baru nak masuk 30s... life has just begun girl!

  4. Jeet,
    Hey.. thanks for playing along! :D

    Sian ye that you got sick during your first flight out. Nasib baik skang dah ok since you (and Dieya) simply love to travel. :)

    I do try (very hard) to write proper Malay tapi susah bebenor. Haha!

    And please don't feel old bout entering the big 3-0 number. I don't wanna feel like a grandma. Wawawa!

  5. sib baik kata blog ahkak ok jer.... spm dulu bm C6... cukup makan.. kat umah guna sign languange... bahser jawa pun fail..

    apesai sebut-sebut umoq 40 nih??!!! kertu sgt ke yg nk masuk 40 nih??? apesai kaktek meroyan? kaktek baru masuk 18..harharhar....

  6. kak yong punya bahse omputih pon boleh tahan per..pakcik tenet tu kadang2 bukan leh caya, blasah jer..

    aida sapa kata 3-0 is old, apa ada pada nombor..chewaaahhh....

    kak tek, sign language pon skill jugak tu ;) dari ayam ckp ngan itik, lagi haru.

  7. Jeet,
    2) calit skit! same here! i dont even mind watching a tamil movie...hahhaa..hail to the subtitles!

    3) me too. tried, but somehow, it will be half way done. also i find malay language tu berbunga so 'jiwang'. but hey, reading other people's write up is alway the fun part rite?

    4) and thats why you are being awarded as versatile...hehehe

    5) we plan, but HE has other plans for us...

    6) ada cerita lawak nak share. my hb travels a lot. akan tetapi, he is actually afraid of flying. bole gitu? so, wat he did was, he popped the sleeping pill before take off. doze off like a baby.

    7)way to go! healthy living!

  8. Menarik!

    We share #1, #2 & #3 :)

    You banyak hobbies yang menarik. Rasanya kalau you tutor dgn Fauzi Yong sebelum dia pindah Kazakhstan mesti you dah pandai jahit handbag and bake wedding cakes ;)

    Pasal plan utk jadi fabulous by 40, please share with us! Kot2 nak tumpang sekali

  9. maya, jom nak kite start one post in Malay, sure tak habis gelak kan? :P

    asma, i bake je boleh, deco out...memang kena menuntut lagi nih... :f


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