Thursday, January 6, 2011

What the Box Had Taught Me

Its undeniably true that I am a hardcore, true die hard (any other word?) couch potato. I have devoted my time to the box since I was 4 y.o, waiting for cartoon show to start and never failed to stand up straight each time the channel starts with Negaraku.

And lately there has been too many shows that focuses on one of my interest, cooking :) !! There is Masterchef S1, Top Chefs S1-S4 and having a whole channel dedicated to food and cooking adds more to me spending time in front of the TV.

I have expanded my culinary knowledge across the normal Malay cuisine. In within one year, my list of “to try recipes” increases in two, maybe three fold. For a start, let me list down what I am planning to try this year, might not be that much, but at least it’s a start. 
  1. Red velvet Cake – am confused by the chocolate cake description but comes in RED colour. I actually tried this one, but didn't turned out red, so have to find a new recipe
  2. Chocolate soufflé – after watching Masterchefs S1 semi-final, I am tempted to try this intricate, most challenging and apparently hard to master desert. Is it really that hard? I guess we will soon find out, once I buy that ramekin (which I always call soufflé cup before) !!
  3. Koeksister – this is after tasting it during my Waka-waka trip last June. Got the recipe, will get this one done soon!!
  4. Bread making!! – I have few failed attempts, am still not giving up; will keep on trying until I get the perfect recipe.
  5. Gnocchi – after so many seasons of Top Chefs, this one keeps appearing off and on, so the simple dumpling cum pasta must be good then?

Anymore stuffs that I should try?

p/s: I know what is sous-vide now, and how to pronounce it as well ;) and I have learnt the art of poaching eggs, just never put it into practise just yet.
p/p/s : foie gras sound tempting, but I have tasted paté before, not really my pallet (hahaha...cakap pon dah macam judges on Top Chef..)


  1. Jeet,
    Hey... way to go! Love the list and do blog bout them and share the recipes when you get to cross them from your list.

    Hmm.. I'm not such a huge fan of pate too (rasa macam hati ayam je kan?) but foir gras is yummy!

  2. you learned how to poach an egg? wow!
    i suka mkn poached egg, tapi susah nak jumpa laa. nak buat tak reti.

  3. haaa... belaja masak ek adik kaktek ni... nanti kaktek balik mesia boleh mai rumah tolong masakkan......

    red velvet tu yg sedapnya cream cheese atasnya je kan... bawah tu belasahlah letak red carpet ke... red towel ke..

  4. Jeet,
    great targets! practice makes perfect kan? then bila dah terer, i outsource kat u ok for bday party cha cha nnti? hehhee, dieya dah amik tender wrap goodie pack...:P

  5. aida, creating the list is the easiest, nak kick start would be a great challenge ;)

    dieya, i tgk je orang buat, try x penah lagi..hehehe...ckp je lebih..

    kak tek, kalo camtu, bila kak tek balik mesia, saya tunggu kait airport, jamu red carpet with cream cheese frosting, ok tak ;)?

    asma, if i happen to make any of it that can survive the internal mail, you'll defintinitely get to taste it!!

    maya, nak amik tender b'day chacha...x berani..nanti x pasal2 i kena refund ;p


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