Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From PD with Lurve...

Each festivities, all department will get a gift basket each. Ours, we normally gets two (to match the no of people). This CNY, the gift basket looks like this.
Upon reaching the office my colleague and I ran operation disect to get things out and claimed posession of the lovely basket

Hasil tuaian
 From previous festivities we took turn to claim the basket, and this is what I have at home. Baskets for my yarns and needles
Unorganized chaos
 So now, with the addition of this lovely tanglung, my yarns have proper home ;)
much better...don't you think?

Each basket are for respective items. I realised that I have been buying yarns without actually finishing any good project. Now I have to start doing it and stop the buying, pronto!!

But what makes this round a special one that I dedicate the whole post to it? jeng....jeng...jeng.......

it comes at both sides, so kak tek boleh pakai kiri dan kanan ;)
Bila kak tek balik M'sia, jgn lupa claim kat saya naaa.........


  1. melampau ko dik jeet.... tu kalau berat tak sampai 30 gm kaktek tuntut gantirugi !!!

  2. nanti balik saya timbang..tapi x jamin money back guarantee la..huhuhu....

  3. Hahahahaha! Nak tersembur segala ikan-ikan yang saya makan tadi bila tengok golang omeh Kak Tek tu! Adeh! Adeeeeeeh! Tulun!

  4. hahahahahahhahaaa i cant stop laughing! tu dia, gelang kak tek....
    lepas nie, kita cari gelang kaki pulak yea utk kak tek...

  5. aida, maya, first time bskul tu sampai kat opis, ada akak opis point out, cantik bakul tu, siap ada gelang lagi..that very moment teringat kak tek, sgt sesuai gitu...;)


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