Monday, March 22, 2010

Travel Insurance

This is the first time ever I am planning my own trip. Hence, I did more research compared to those other time. Its now confirmed that I am going to Cape Town, South Africa. Few people raised their concern wrt safety of the venue. I know people are skeptical when it comes to African country. Well, I have my doubts too, when I first went to Phillipines, but I went there with colleague and on business trip, so the concern is not really there.

After going there, I think most of these things are the fear for the unknown, and therefore this time am going to persuade Ija to take any of the travel insurance available to our case. We have to be prepared, better safe than sorry. I have looked at HSBC, still looking at other insurance provider. Will discuss with Ija on which one to take.

Why do we need insurance during travelling? Read HERE


  1. MAS sells travel insurace as well under MHinsure. i bought it for my last trip. peace of mind, seriously. kalau jalan2 tapi jiwa stress pun tak best kan ;-)

    here's the link:


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