Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Day That Was....

I had a good day yesterday too... Like dieya, I attended my Spanish class. Am in A2 now..weee...after one year hiatus, it all got a little bit rusty. So Friday nite I bought a Spanish dictionary (bijak tak? esok nak kelas, malam ni baru beli..hahaha)

So I went to the class, new professor, te llamas Ladis. Whole class is filled with women !! We did revision, and after the first hour, things are starting to come back to me..I wasn't that rusty after all ;)

In the night, I went to PJ, for a tahlil arwah. I had quite a detour before getting to PJ as I went to pick up arwah's mother in Serdang. We get into PJS2 area just nice, but locating the actual lane is very confusing. PJS2/14 is not next to PJS2/15. So in the end, we passed by the entrance 3 times before actually making the right turn to make it for the tahlil.

Her passing was a blessing in disguise, as it unites some of the old faces that we lost contact since we commissioned in 2002. It has been 8 years since we parted ways. Though many could not make it to various comitment issue, the turn out is not that bad as well.
Some pixies...

Those who came...

Geng Cik Kiah dah start sesi bersembang.. :)

All ladies who attended

Me and Buntang (Farez)-last AJK standing, the rest could not make it.

p/s: thanks dieya for the fridge magnet ;) And yesterday was my sis b'day but she did not even know I have a blog, so no need to wish here then..hahaha...


  1. Wahhhh! Sudah mula kelas Spanish yer? Bagus2! Buleh ler tunjuk ajo nanti :D

    *Al-Fatihah untuk arwah.

  2. no probs :-) nx time kita buat rombongan cik kiah ke sepanyol.. ajak both our classes.. mesti besh!!!
    oh i suddenly miss spain.. aih!

  3. Aida, first hand exposure is much better, nanti bukan sy ajar awak, awak yang ajar saye ;)

    Dieya, joms!!! hahaha..kalo bab jalan ok je..:)


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