Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life is a Long Series of Drama...

Its been a while that I started following on new drama series, probably because not many new ones that makes it our way. Am right now watching 'Mercy'. Saw the ad like one month ago and quickly intrigued to watch it. This is yet another medical drama. Come to think of it, there are too many of them. I used to (still am) crazy over ER, well, because of them I know how they detect internal bleeding from an uninjured body ;) Then there is Greys' Anatomy, which there has never been one single episode that I did not shead a tear.

Not just medical drama, law and police kinda drama also flood the small screen. When that happens, what else can compliment that? CSI type would do. Used to be only the original Crime Scene Investigation that dominates the screen, but now we have NCIS, Criminal Minds, Without a Trace, etc..etc..

I used to say to my bos, they have all kind of professions turned to drama, but have we ever watched one about engineers? Not talking bout software engineer but the core 4 mainstream engineering; Civil,Electrical,Mechanical and Chemical. A full season, maybe 13 or 26 episode? Well, there is one that came close to that, Micheal Scofield of Prison Break was a Civil Engineer and the knowledge that was applied to escape the prison was damn superb!!

Well, my bos respond was that all of these profession that gets to be in drama actually pays so bad, that they have to create more ways for people to be interested to actually do the job (sort of like promoting the profession via drama). Well, that is one way to look at it, although am not sure whether that is entirely true (doctors and lawyers gets good pay though, later in their career).

I think its maybe that the job is too demanding and interesting at the same time, and it pays to show public to what extend did they go in their line of duty. Most of the stories, although its just a fiction, worth sharing and educational at some point. And maybe the public would appreciate more (we always hear about people complaining about doctors' services in govt hosp, or how bad the police at catching the ever increasing snatch thieves). I know things could be better , if we compared what we see on TV (mostly American drama by the way) to what we actually experience live in our daily life, but I guess on some part the job dilemma is pretty much the same.

So what do I think about Mercy? Well, it maybe not the most medically educational drama, the content maybe 30%, or 40% top contains medical facts, the rest is just plain drama with all emotions wrapped up. The most action pack medical drama to me is still ER. Will I still watch it? Of course ;) Mostly for the drama..hehehe....

p/s: dieya, any TV series about a bunch of accountants? just wondering...


  1. Scoffield is the hottest engineer ever, eh? :D

    Nerdy Reid is hot also.. I LIKE! :)

  2. none! i used to wonder the same, why don't they make tv series about accountants? come to think about it, an accountant's job is pretty boring.. calculations day-in day-out.. no drama.. no wonder no one wants to make a tv series abt us. i guess only professions that has lots of andrenaline flying around are would be worthy of being made dramas, people love seeing the action, tension, blood, bla bla bla. desk jobs like mine, nobody cares.

  3. Aida: betul!!!! i cried when Micheal died.. (poyo je..) and i like when Reid talks, the sentences are unusually long and winding but i like the way he says it ;)

    dieya: so I guess at some level engineer pon boring jugak eh? since it does not attract all these producer to make series out of us..hahaha...

  4. Alahai.. sedih ek time he died? Believe it or not, I didn't get to watch the last season!
    *Nih nak download nih!

    Reid manages to be cute and sexy (buleh sebut ka? :D) at the same time. He voiced the genius chipmunk (movie).

    *Hey maybe the producers don't have enough intelligence to make series on engineers and accountants, that's why. See? There's a bright side of it, eh girls? :)

  5. as much as i like languages, i cannot read chinese, so please la...comment is english, if its not too much hassle, online translator always available for free..who is this person anyway!!! kao meng aaaa.....(cry for help in cantonese...effect from watching too much TVB drama..hahahaha..)

  6. Salam Azita,

    Saya ada kasik award sket kat Azita. Sudi2kan la amik yer. :)


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