Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tickets Confirmed!!

We have been doing research for air tickets since last year, and that time flight schedule is not out yet. Typical ticket price to Cape Town in the range of RM 6K to 11K, depending on which airline we pick. Since we are travelling using our OWN money, the cheaper the better. So I thought of waiting for at least MAS travelfair to score a great deal. It was in Feb, little did I know the travel period for the whole month of June is a blackout period, which means to discount, no bargain and no offer, which translate to normal price!!!

So we waited for MATTA fair which was last 2 weekends. And to my horror suprise, South Africa is not one of the targeted destination. Not even one booth that I saw have travel tour to South Africa. The ticket price for all airlines have no promotion for South Africa, what the ****? One of the biggest event will be going on in June, and yet nobody in Malaysia is interested to go?

I know that Malaysians like to go to more 'popular' sites, Europe, Australia etc...but this a world class event!! Come on people!!

So at last Ija and I decided to purchase return ticket from Emirates. We are scheduled to depart on 27th June and coming back on 6th July. That is a long break ;) Ticket price is RM 5151. This is considered quite cheap. We have to transit in Dubai, so total one way journey is almost ~20 hrs.

Update : Shaz pulled out due to personal reason. So just me in Ija in 'Escape to Africa'!!


  1. omigod! you are almost there!!! arghhh jelesnyaaaaaaaa~!!!!!!

    terus rasa nak holiday kat SA pulak. go and tell me all about the great places that u visit when u return!

  2. defintely I will ;)insyaAllah...planning gets more serious now, since I have confirmed the ticket!!


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