Monday, March 29, 2010

Bluesy Monday

Its half an hour after ***** (somebody will get warning letter for blogging writing at this time, hehehe..) and I am damn bored and sleepy....Received an award from Aida, TQVM!! for beautiful blogger..lagi sekali ye..beautiful blogger, not beautiful blog...tang mana beautiful pon cek tak tau..hahaha...

  1. Buat 1 entry tentang award ini
  2. Ucap Terima Kasih dan letak link pemberi award pada entry tersebut
  3. Senaraikan 15 blogger sebagai penerima Award.
  4. Beritahu penerima Award , supaya dia tahu yang dia adalah penerima Award
  5. Senaraikan 7 perkara tentang korang....

No 1: Done

No 2: Done

No 3: Very tricky as I said before, I don't have many readers, and I know one is on long hiatus (maternity leave la..but I'll try, sure tak cukup sebelah tangan jugak!!)

  1. Dieya
  2. Shaz
  3. Nofa
  4. Rahimy
  5. Shin Loo

Ngam-ngam sebelah tangan, which is only 30% from the original request, nasib la...

No 4 : Will do rite after this ;)

No 5: I can really copy paste from my old long forgotten Crabbie Column, but in case I came short, I will do that..

  1. Am an introvert person, that is why you see all this long winded ramblings, simply because I don't really talk much.
  2. Hates guys who lingers around lingerie area, I know you are the hubby, but for God sake, tak boleh ka pi jauh2 sikit? Your spouse is not the only one shopping there, there are a lot of other women that is seriously not comfortable having men looking over what type of bra you are choosing. Guys should be banned from lingerie area, they look like pervert, all of them, and don't use that 'I'm buying a lingerie for my mum' excuse OK? (tetiba emo..)
  3. Still very much loves Linkin Park songs, although nowadays listening to more downbeat, catchy pop tunes.
  4. Simple minded person but always prepare myself for the worst case scenario. yup, am a complex personality person..
  5. Never really consulted anybody when making decision (big, let alone small). Only tell certain key people (mum included) once a decision has been made. So actually no one has ever talk me out of anything yet..hahaha..
  6. Favorite taste,smell and spices includes garlic, black pepper, lavender, lemon, and cinnamon
  7. A friend once said that I could write a book, but up till now have not decided what book is it going to be, or will there ever be a book? hmm...time will decide..hahaha..

There you have it, from the beautiful blogger of the day....(*mode perasan nak ma**us) hehehe....;)


  1. Azita,

    TQ sudi terima award and tayang kat sini naaa! And hey beautiful from head to toes.. and from inside out! Si si!:)

    On #2, lain kali Azita tanya la those men "What cup are you wearing?" Nescaya (bukan nescafe ye) derang berlalu pergi :D

    Hey I LOVE Linkin Park too! Still the greatest band ever!

  2. thanks for the award! dapat i menumpang perasan beautiful jugak.. hahaha!

    guess what i'm into linkin park as well! went to their concert at stadium merdeka several years ago. the poster is still on my bedroom wall :-)

  3. Aida: kena praktis muka selamba in order for me to actually say those lines ..hahaha ;)

    Dieya : mase concert tu, i was in between 3 final papers, serious cam nak nangis, xpe they are still going strong, i'll to their concert even at that time i am already 40..hahaha..


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