Monday, March 29, 2010

Real Survivors

I've been blogwalking, (which I happens to do a lot lately) and stumbled on pretty amazing blogposts though..

See, all my life I live in Malaysia. So I never experienced living in any other countries (well, a one week trip could not be considered as living rite?) . My first overseas trip was to Phillipines, and back then I was already worried about food. Pinoys have pork in almost all of their dishes. It is almost impossible to find a halal eateries in central Manila. I went to an outskirt area, about 2-3 hours drive from Manila, Tabangao, where there is no Muslim at all. Strict vegetarian is close to non-existence, said my Pinoy colleague. So to prepare for the trip, my colleague and I packed ourselves loads of Maggie Mee, crackers, squashed bread and Campbell Instant soup, good for one week ;) We survived just fine.

See, I came across many blogs that belongs to Malaysian living abroad, and more often than not the blogs talk about what else? Malaysians top craze, FOOD. Living in different countries, they have shared how they managed to whipped up some Malaysian food. Most of the things that we totally take for granted. Those things that when I crave for it, it will be just a 10-15 minutes drive away.

For instance, there is this one lady who lived in Doha, made her own mee kuning!! We here in Malaysia bought the yellow mee in market, and off late many consumer reports came up with findings that higher bromic acid are detected in these products. Plus, there has been too many consumer reports exposing unhygenic premise producing such product. Now, making it from scratch is a much better options right? I think so.

I also found about a lady who made 'apam balik' , something that is available on daily basis (at least in most part of peninsular Malaysia). Just the other day, I read about some Malaysian student in UK craving some 'cendol' and a colleague just explaining during lunch time on how she used to help her cousin make cendol when she was small.

Living outside their comfort zone has caused these people to be creative, going the extra mile just to savour the exact same delicacies that we can get anytime we want. So what does this tells me? Instead of just buying it, why not try to make it?

Suddenly I feel the urge of making something, ideas?... ;)


  1. Azita,

    Betul tuh kan? Food that we take for granted might be difficult to get when far from home.

    We can get Nasi Lemak EVERYWHERE at home. Living far means.. yuuuup! Cook your own! Huhu!

    Nih tumpang excited sama nih.. hmm ideas untuk Azita ka? Banyaaaak!
    1) Pulut kuning + sambal tumis ikan bilis + gulai daging
    2) Tempoyak udang petai
    3) Kari Laksa
    4) Bihun sup
    5) Nasi goreng kampung
    6) Mi Kari
    7) Roti Canai
    8) Ikan pari bakar
    9) Sambal Tumis Petai
    10) Sambal Tumis Jering

    Muahahaha! How's that for ideas? :D

  2. oit, spoilt for choices pulak, siap ada list lagi, but maybe have to scratch a few, due to my high cholestrol..hahaha...;)
    masak sorang2 tak best, so kena tunggu balik kg, haa...sambal tumis petai pon menarik gak ni...!!

  3. mak oii.. panjang nyer list! masak laa yea.. nanti i dtg makan ;-)

  4. Azita,

    Saya pon high colesterol tapi untuk pamper diri (alasaaaaaan!) skali skala. Huhu!

    Sambal tumis petai style utara tak buang kulit kan? Petai tuh racik kecik2 sket, kan?

    Tuh la kan? Azita kena masak2 nih.. lajak perahu buleh undur. Lajak offer nak masak.. JANGAN sekali. Wawawa!


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