Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm It!! : Tagged by Cik Aida

I was visiting my regular blogroll and it turns out that I'm it. Have been tagged by Cik Aida yang kini berada di bumi Espanyol. So here are the rules...(lama weh tak jawab tag-tag ni...)

1. Go to your photo files…Select the 8th photo folder.
2. Select the 8th photo in that folder.
3. Post that photo along with the story behind it.
4. Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same! "...

Soklan : Apsal 8? 6 tak bole ke? mesti orang yang invent tag ni suka no 8..bnyk soklan plak...nak jawab, jawab je la....hehehe...

So here goes...

1. Done : Kenduri Kakdik Jan 09
2. Done
3. Done : as attached;

The story:

This was taken during my younger sister's (Kakdik that celebrated her birthday on the 6th March) wedding on 3rd Jan 2009. No, that was not me in the picture. The one wearing kebaya on the left hand side is my younger sister, Ayang. The one in white baju kurung is her best friend, Alin. To Cik Aida, my sis met her best fren when she was schooling in Pahang...hahaha.. adik kite Sekolah Teknik Chenor. Actually Pahang is quite close to my heart as I was born in Temerloh, back in those days a lot of Kedahans move to Pahang, and my late grandma move to Temerloh, Charok Puting in particular. The whole village was opened by Kedahans, so eventhough I was born and raised until 5 years old in Pahang, I could not speak Pahang dialect, because the whole village, the first generation is Kedahans...I still have two aunties in Pahang, one in Bera, and another in Kg Awah.

Ooppss...lari tajuk. hahaha...The receiption was held in Dewan DBKL in Bandar Tun Razak, the whole family theme was green + peach. Alin and Ayang was the one who helped me prepared the high table dish. I think Ayang has already told Alin about the theme colour, and she brought baju kurung that is in the same colour tone. Alin has a boyfriend named Ali (funny rite..hahaha..). She is a tru blu Pahang gurl, but which area, koi kurang periksa ye Cik Aida.

So there you have it, its a coincidence that this story ade sangkut paut ngan Pahang..hahaha..

4. Tag other 8 blogger friend...

Hmm this is the tough part. Nobody really reads my blog except for few people (kalo kira tak sampai sebelah tangan..hahaha) So whoever is reading, YOU'RE IT!!! You know who you are....hehehe....


  1. Azita,

    Thanks for main sesama yer. Hehe!

    Memang kebetulan sungguh ada kaitan dengan Pahang yer? Tak tau lak Azita lahir kat Temerloh. Charok Puting yer.. nanti buleh tanya Mak sy, dia memang jati Pahang. :)

    Alin and Ali (macam dah jodoh jek kan?).

    *I was born in Melaka, spent almost all my studying years kat utara nun. :D

  2. i just forwarded to u one very interesting e-mail. keyword: Johannesburg MYR 1,558 one-way. amacam teruja tak? :-D

    i'm guess i'm officially tagged now. nantilah i buat yea.. tungguuuuu...

    to aida:
    u live in spain??? coolness! kalau i tau i contact u masa i pegi jalan2 kat spain last december.. buat muka tak malu sket.. sket je ok.. hahaha.. nnt i check out ur blog!

  3. Aida: hahaha...Malaysian, very diverse kan,so tak geng la IC 06 ;)

    Dieya : sangat teruja!!! jumaat ni i pi Matta Fair, check it out ;)

  4. Azita,
    Hehe.. betul, tak geng la ek? IC saya 04.

    Ha ah kat Spain :D. Ooo jejalan bulan 12 hari tuh ek? Apa nak malu maa :). TQ for dropping by in my blog. Have checked out yours too! :)

  5. i've done your tag :-D
    yaa.. saya adalah amat rajin sekali membuat tag.. hahaha


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