Thursday, March 18, 2010

In Sickness and In Health...

We (my colleague and I) have been going to KPJ Seremban after work for 2 days in a row already. Hopefully we don't have to go there today. Two of my senior colleagues were admitted. One due to chest pain, and after diagnosis, it is a heart attack. Apparently one of the veins has two blockage. She underwent angiogram and was disharged yesterday. The same day another senior colleague was admitted due to abdominal pain. After check up, it is confirmed she had kidney stone in her urinary tract and she is now pregnat. Therefore the Dr could not conduct x-ray to determine the exact location and size.

Nowadays, we see people dropping like flies, mostly due to common diseases. My colleague, the one with the heart attack is actually an active person. She always ride bikes, jog and she rarely eats out. But still, she gets it. What is the determining factor to stay away from all this illness? My thinking is combination of good lifestyle, healthy eating habit (yeah...cut down on the seafood y'all...that will settle in your veins) and last but not least pray hard!!

I am for sure struggling on the lifestyle bit. Its very tempting to use the elevator instead of staircase even just one floor away. I arrive to work quite early and always park at the nearest spot, so why not park a little bit further, and walk a bit? hhmmm...worth a try..

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