Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Malaysia Lost to Japan?

I have always liked watching live sports on TV. I played badminton in primary school. Takat rules and regulation 10-20 years back, I was really well versed. And yesterday, in the midst of Thomas Cup madness, I sort of switching back and forth in between Channel 801, 811 and the rest (711, 701, 708...etc,etc...) just to keep up to date with all the hype and happening.

As we know both teams lost (Uber & Thomas) but the mens' team really irks me. They lost will little dignity as they walked out of the court. Based on my personal analysis, one single root cause, the biggest one in fact....see whether it makes sense ;p

They lost because they played badly. The played badly because the did not think Japan is a good team. They think Japan is not a good team because they always thought that they are much better. They thought they are much better, evident obviously by how they dressed. You see that sleeveless shirt that they were wearing? They think by showing off the almost nonexistent triceps can actually up their game huh? And with that shirt, they proudly walk into the court thinking, 'Hey, I look good, my muscles are potruding, these Japs are going down...' Boy were they wrong!!!

These are actually what I thought was going through the mind of the second doubles when they were playing really BADLY.

My real salute goes to Sonia Cheah sister of Lydia Cheah. She really did put up a good fight. And she had good skills too. The only thing missing from her is international experience, but even then she really entertains the crowd. Hope to see more of her and her spirit in the mens team, seriously...

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