Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fresh New Pictures

After being out of KL working life for almost 4 years now, I kinda misssed the hustle and bustle of the city. I went to a seminar at KLCC today. Not wanting to spend loads on the parking, I chose to go by LRT, like those good 'ol days ;).

It still have the same coaches ( no pink ones..hehehe..) They still have the free copy of The Sun at the station, but now there is additional Chinese daily (not the famous one though) and also Malay Mail. I saw more stalls in the morning selling variety of kuih (tapi tak sedap...)

It was raining on the way back, so there is still people making money out of the weather, few Indonesian ladies stood by selling RM5 umbrellas. The crowd are pretty much still the same, although I may say that most of the commuters are getting more civilised, having patiently waited for the people to come out before rushing to board the train.

Somehow on the way back, I caught myself eaves dropping a conversation between two patrons. (not really eavesdropping, as they made no intention to have the conversation privately..) It was between an old Malay man (maybe in late 50s going to 60s) and a Chinese school boy. The man was asking for direction and the boy explains on how to get where was asked. Somehow they start to have a little chat. Some of the gist that I caught was the boy telling the old man about his mother and a younger siblings. How he kinda fought with the mum and how he have to do most of the work (I think). And the old man start sharing his wisdom, in a way giving advice to the boy, on how to deal with the mum. There were quite few things mentioned but I have forgotten some of it.

The sweet thing is, the boy and the man can really talk and to make a teenager opens up and talk about their problem is not easy. I have been there once, we are more comfortable seeking advise from someone that knows no better, our own friends. Some parents could not really talk to their kids and always ends up blaming the rebellious teens for all the things that goes wrong.

I was seeing a very right picture on how our society supposed to function, the old guiding the young, irregardless what races we are, because we are all human, we need each other. And the fact that this boy can talk and take advise (at least that is what I see) from a total stranger is really refreshing.

I really hope I can be like that, where people can talk to me, and we can all talk to each other.

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