Monday, May 24, 2010

We're Hunters!!

This is my first full blown treasure hunt. Well actually we named it Walk-a-Hunt. It was organised by the co's Sports Club. We started off in PD, at 8 am.
When: Last Sat, 22nd May
Where : In Awana Genting
Who : My team, 3 of us,
Team name : Proton XX (all of us driving Iswara and all are girls!!)

It was raining very heavily and alhamdulillah by the time we hit the highway, the rain stops. But it continues to drizzle as we enter MRR2 and Karak Highway. It was a very misty drive all the way up (I was driving). We reach Awana at 10am, waited for the rest of pack to arrive. It was later followed by briefing by organiser (some event company) and flag off at 1230 pm.

During the briefing, I figured that the question is really tough!!
my colleagues (the guys, with wife and kids. the two boys are the cutest, plus they were born 3 days apart)
Comprises of 3 sections, questions with clue and we were required to find the answers within certain area. Second one was pictures, they took a close up shot of certain things/signage and ask us to match where the actual stuffs is located and third of course the treasure. We had a copied strategy from the winning team last year. We took a lot of snaps and group together to match with the clues. I mean no point walking around and forgetting what you saw rite?
One of the shot I took, one of the answer is in this pics...
It was damn hard!!Time given was 4 hours, but by the second hours I can see many people kinda loose their radar already, as the place is not that big, but the questions were tough, to the point we just bantai most of the stuffs.
Hard at work...tengah bantai mana yang tak tau....hahaha....
After the hunt ended, me and my hsemate crashed and dinner was served at 8pm. When they revealed the answers, we knew we did not have any chance of winning, but to our surprise, we got 7th place out of 30+ teams that were competing!! awsome!!
After that we went up, and managed to catch Shrek 4, double thumbs up, am so watching the 3D with my sis ;) Went back at 2 am!!
Anaz tag along as his team mates pergi berjudi ;p
We sat at 2nd row from screen...nak sangat....
The next morning after breakfast, we check out and went back again, but we did not enter the theme park, as we were kinda tired. At 12pm we already headed back to PD. Stopped by Gombak for a quick lunch and reach PD on 3 pm.
Since I am holding the camera, not many of my pictures available.
We plan to join again next year, best!!!


  1. no. 7 out of 30+? with an all-ladies team? that's freaking awesome! congrats!

    my first and last treasure hunt was from kl to kuantan. i was the co-pilot. such a stressful role and mengantuk pulak time tu, ended up co-pilot tido n driver kena baca map.. hahaha! we weren't even classified to get a number, that was how bad we did. another team lagi best, they gave up, stopped by for lunch and went straight to the hotel. mmg tak berbakat buat treasure hunt, but buat amazing race boleh pulak dpt first place :-D

  2. tu la pasal...we all pon tak sangka ;)

    actually we wanted to make allies with one guys team ni, tapi x sempat, in the end they got no 1!! lost opportunity ;p

    xpe 7th is good than nothing ;)

  3. Azita,

    Hey congrats on being the 7th team!

    Saya tak penah join treasure hunt nih, rasa excited lak bila baca. Huhu!

    Shrek 4 best ek?

  4. bangat... dah lame giler x join hunting ni...last pon 2 years back... we were driving and hunting all the way to penang...mcm org giler...;p

    anyway, dapat gaks release tension with this kinda games..huh...wat kat genting tu...sangat best...;p

  5. aida: best, tapi sakit kepala jugak la nak figure out the clue, sume muka dah bengong-bengong..hahaha...

    shrek 4 best!! bnyk lagu yang donkey nyanyi pon best ;)

    adriza: nanti baby Alya dah besar, bole jalan, tetiap hari ko kena treasure hunt..hahaha.. ;)


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