Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lunch Talk : of Labour and all....

Still owe 2 tags, both from Dieya & Aida, but I have to get this one out first. Your tag on the weekend la ek? ;)

For the past two days, I have been attending First Aid course. Today, during lunch I sat with some of the participants, all of them are males. Somehow one first aid story leads to another. The next thing I know they were exchanging war stories of how they witnessed their wives giving birth. Only one guys has no experienced yet. The wife is going for delivery, in end June. So the other 8 gents were discussing quite in detail, how they saw the wife 'suffered' through child labour. The kind of strength a woman has to endure such pain, post natal stuffs and all.

They were even comparing natural birth, epidural induced and the C-section method. This father to be is nervous. He mentioned that he and his wife went for pre-natal classes and they were shown a video of natural birth, of course it was terrifying, and the wife quickly made up her mind to opt for C-Section. The gents all around the table give a practical advise, since they have seen almost all of it. I refrain from giving any comment since I am a single lady, and by right have no clue what/how a childbirth is all about.

But to the best of my judgement, these guys were right and came up with to me was a practical advise. I am amazed... Another part that amazed me was how they decribe the feeling of holding their child for the first time and also how seeing their wife in labour pain does add to the depth of respect to women, especially their wife and mother. To me, as a woman, hearing them saying all that is enough appreciation a woman could ask for.

It dawn on me, to find these kind of men, to earn their kind of respect is hard actually. Particularly when I have seen many bad examples especially in my own family, this group of gents is really a steal, and I was glad to be among their presence. I wish all men have their same attitude and appreciation. I really do, and maybe someday I'll find one, insyaAllah...


  1. when i first joined mas i had a culture shock working amongst mothers. they never seem to run out of things to say about their kids.. from pregnancy stage, childbirth, raising them.. bla bla bla. such a huge difference from my former workplace where almost everyone's either single or married without kids (and not intending of having any soon).

    hearing these mum's horror stories make me wonder, is it worth having a child? is it worth the pain, the stress, the financial bit.. basically everything that goes along with it? all that and you don't even know how the kids going to turn out in the future, they may even ignore you for all they care.

    oh well, goes to show how immature/unready i am when it comes to raising a family.. wonder when will i be..

  2. i guess we will never be, trust me, when you have kids, they will suprise you now and then, and i bet mothers sometimes questions their decision as well...

    its all about the journey, maturity maybe will come along once both foot are in the barrel ;) itu pon maybe..hahaha..


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