Friday, May 28, 2010

Hutang Tag 2 - Kasut

The reason I was procrastinating on this tag is because of two main reasons:
  1. I have my shoes all over Malaysia..(cecewah....all over KL, PD (home and office) and SP actually) and also...
  2. I don't have my camera with me ;)
So since I resolved the second issue, I can sort of do this..hahaha....

  1. Shoe no 1, I bought it to be worn with long skirt for a school reunion.
  2. Shoe no 2 is used mostly for work (noticed that it is worn out, tunggu waktu nak arwah je..) .
  3. Shoe no 3 is the official work shoe. Issued by the company, it is my safety shoe, it has metal at the toes area, to protect the foot if any fallen object fall onto it (not that I expected any..).We have to wear it everytime we go into the plant area.
  4. Shoe no 4 is my official work out shoe, while shoe no 5 is used for jalan-jalan.
  5. Shoe no 6 is the famous nonetheless flip-flop.
  6. Shoe no 7 is the latest addition to the family, bought it to standby in case shoe no 2 can no longer service me.

Actually I have more shoes, some in my trunks, some in KL, and some in SP. As you can see it, when it comes to shoe colour, I prefer either black, white or sometimes brown. The most odd colour as you can probably see is in shoe 4,5 and 6 (any blue rays) see my blog header, isn't it obvious what my fav colour is? not adventurous kan? As for design, I prefer flat shoes, I am terrible when it comes to wearing heels...asyik I better not wear it ;p.

Now am thinking to buy one comfy crocs.. Nanti nak pegi jalan jauh....hehehe..(anything can justify buying new shoes..hahahaha...)


  1. Azita,

    Akhirnya.. dapat jua ku lihat kasut2 dan sandal2 mu itu ya :D

    You have lots of shoes! And itu pon still ada lagik yang tak enter frame ye?

    The safety boots look similar to penyayang nasik lemak punya boots. He has a pair with similar safety features (utk pakai gi plants also).

  2. mesti same jenama kan? hebat betul, kat mesia ada, kat espanol pon ade, tukar keje la..nak buat safety shoes..hahaha...

  3. finally i get to see your shoes! i thot u hv conveniently forgotten the tag. wah, setia sungguh dgn flats hitam tu yek!


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