Tuesday, May 18, 2010


My Monday blues is normally cured by Kick Ass Monday (8TV). They have my favorites lined up.
Currently running is NCIS (the original one) and Criminal Minds. Last night was like having a yummy carrot cake with cream cheese topping on top. The original team was required to work with LA team to solve a murder case of a Navy Private. Double serving for me :) . I like the coldness and how tacky Gibbs can be, also how the whole team operates. The new franchise NCIS LA is really an eye candy. With O’Donnel as the mysterious Callen, the team really provides good drama. Last night episode maybe towards later season for NCIS LA, as I have never seen Macy in current running NCIS LA plus the HQ at different place.
Its fun and exciting though to see multiple drama cast on the same show. I sort of melt when Gibbs meet Callen..hahaha..(ntah hape-hape...) . CSi always did and there was one time the cast from Without a Trace helps in one of CSi Vegas case.
The thing is I am digging NCIS, definitely food to my soul..really? ;)
p/s: every end of scene, they froze a shot, make it into black and white ala potrait, I really love that
p/p/s: DiNozzo is both hot and entertaining at the same time :)


  1. I love NCIS too. Only that I find myself not really liking the "franchise" of any series.

    The nerdy girl (she's still around?) is cool too, eh? Though Gibbs is strict but he surely has a soft spot for her. Macam anak sendiri jek, kan? Hehe!

    * Dah lama tinggal NCIS :(

  2. oo...abby still there, baru season ni tau her appelido sciuto, cam pelik ek?

    franchise ala poyo sikit, macam CSI Miami, only not as bad ;p


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