Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tickets Physically Confirmed!!

I went back KL last weekend, and my sis said I got a letter from Sweden. I was like ?? I don't have friends in Europe, (as if I exchange letter with any people living in Europe)..hahaha...

So I opened it, yeay!!!! its my physical confirmation to enter South Africa for the reason to watch World Cup!!!! The security level was so high that the confirmation slip even have my name printed on the bottom line (the same kind of line at RM 50 , the little shiny ones with RM50 printed on..) For money its a mass production OK la... but this is individually printed with my name ;) Will update the pics later. Hhhooooorrrraaaayyyyyy!!!!!!


  1. omg i so envy youuuuuu!!!!!

    put up some pics please!!!

  2. ok, my camera in KL, nanti i letak!! ;)


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