Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sakit Kepala~~!!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh..

Transfer progress has been extremely slow, mungkin ada hikmahnya. One of which that it makes me thinking of securing a property in Klang Valley. (Yes, KV, not KL). I gave up hope to buy anything in KL long time ago. Not only the traffic is bad, the price is way over the roof. I have to secure it now, more than ever. At the rate the prices is going up, I doubt if I ever would buy anything next year. My requirement is simple, freehold, serviced condo with tight security, and new unit (I am not prepared to deal with legacy issue, anything can still blame the developer..hehehe..). I don't plan to rent it, so accessibility is not a big issue to me. Budget wise...let say I think I can do max RM 500K, space >1000 sqft.

So there I was, browsing through iproperty page last week, trying to find anything that suites my requirement. Only one that meets all my requirement. The property is located in Puchong, Koi Kinrara. Had a view this afternoon, dan saya sudah jatuh chenta pandang pertama..with the whole complex (particularly the gym and pool). Not so much with the unit. The phase 1 are fully occupied, while phase 2 was just completed and key handed over to buyers last July. So I will be buying from another owner, not from the developer. Price range started at RM 200K when it was launched in 2007 and now the only units left started at RM 430K!!! And from what the agent told me, only 3 units left that suits my budget. They need my final say by cob Tuesday. According to them, the unit is selling fast (sales people talk, but am afraid, I have to agree with them, super love the pool, walaupun tak pandai berenang..)

Disebabkan banyak fikir sangat, balik PD buka lagi iproperty, this time cari new development pulak. (Hari tu tak cari awal-awal kan..bijaaakkk sangat!!). This one Anyaman was just posted this month. Whether or not there are still available unit, I don't know, esok kena call ni. Awatla tak tengok awal-awal..kalau tak dah boleh pi sales office dia tadi..haish...!!

And there is this another one, Saville in Bangsar that would be a little bit over my budget (unit paling kecik ok). Nak squeeze mana the extra budget, I don't know, most probably I have to get over this one.

Also another one that I have yet to consider is Jadite Suites in Kajang. May suite my price range. All these places are easily accessible by all sorts of highway, so obviously its not an issue. Bila dah masuk Kajang, I've discovered few other prospects that are well within my in the end memang sakit kepala :P

Rasanya kena solat istikharah sebulan berturut-turut baru boleh buat keputusan ni... (Well that means I'll risk to let go Koi Kinrara?? uuwwaaaaa.....!!!) ooh..chenta hatiku..tak ada rezeki rasanya kita kali ini...I'll just have to find another chenta hati then.
Olympic size pool nak habaq kat hang...!! - Koi Kinrara, Puchong

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