Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How Leh...?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh...
This got delivered to me today..ni lah padahnya shopping online..I thought I've selected two different books, but it turns out I bought the same book, just different version. Now I can read both in BM and English :p.
Since I am looking out to buy a property, is it obvious that I need to do lil bit of research..this book actually reminded me of some of my dreams.

  1. I want to build a masjid (bukan kahwin..ok kahwin pun nak jugak..tapi ni literally build a masjid) together with a self funded orphanage.
  2. I want to start a business by 40 (target nak ternak lembu, confirm market utk korban,akikah, & kenduri kahwin).
  3. Have financial freedom (angan2 mau tinggi ye..almaklumlah..baru settle bayaq ptptn...tapi tak sedaq diri bnyk lagi hutang dok beratoq kat belakang...)

Basically I have many more dreams that involves loads of big bucks, but never once I have plans on how to get the capital for all those dreams. This book has got me thinking of going serious about this (hebat hang..baca satu buku, angan dah tinggi..) Bukan camtu, when there is a will, there is a way. If I can get myself to at least practise few of the author's strategies, then maybe I'll be able to generate enough capital for my dreams.

The content is inspiring, the author's years of hardwork was summarized to a book that of less than 200 pages. No pain no gain. I am taking the strategies with a pinch of salt, bearing in mind most of the financial products are still not riba' free. If I really want to go this road, I have to make sure all my dealings are shariah compliant. Cukup-cukuplah menyumbang ke riba' selama ini.

p/s: I did not gave any final say on chenta hati #1. After halfway through reading this book, I hope I am making the right decision by not jumping to a decision on a fly.
p/p/s: those properties in Kajang that are well within my budget are SOLD OUT!! . Depa ni beli rumah macam beli kuih kat pasar..sat sangat dah habih..dasat..dasat..


  1. i concur your dreams!

    about the masjid, everytime i pass by masjid al bukhary dekat bukit bintang tu, i thought to myself, ya Allah, beruntungnya tan sri syed mokhtar. forever and ever he will get the hasanah for building the mosque. it must have cost him sooooo much money i would think, to build such a big mosque on a prime land at golden triangle. saya sangat respek!

    the business thingy.. i've been toying with ideas too! kejap nak jual barang online. kejap nak buat service (u know how i enjoy working with people). kejap nak belajar menjahit. still not firm yet. but definitely wanna do something.

    ohhh financial freedom. i think if we can do number 2 successfully, number 3 will come easy, insha Allah. i wanna get a house lah. have u found yours?

    1. the one house, maybe not yet, for now, the goal more to investment, :) sat i update ..


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