Monday, September 23, 2013

I need my mojo!!!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

Project update:

I am at 10% completion (in terms of number of pages). I need my mojo to move that to 20% and 30% and 40% and etc....

Its really tough. When I compared my work with others, I noticed they elaborated on almost everything, hence that was how they increased the number of pages. Me on the other hand, short cut most of the things. Yes, I did.

So my game plan now is, finish at least completing the main plot, regardless short cut or other wise, and I will see later how many pages I ended up with. After that, if I still could not hit the 400 pages mark, I'll pick and choose which part I think that is worth to be elaborated.

Now I know why I can skip many lines in a page and still not miss a thing, they applied this tactics. Hahaha.... and now I am using it. But I notice the 'mat salih' didn't do that. I still need to go line by line, so that I don't miss a thing. Is that really the case, or I am just bad at reading English material?

Whatever it is, I need my mojo, else it will just become another unfinished project of mine...Make doa for me please...pretty please..!! :)


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