Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Its tough

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Seems like this is the only place that I update without get questioned back..hahaha..so I will continue to do this as I need the space to vent anyway.

I have started to write, I need to finish 400-500 pages and I have just completed page 19.. long way to go. I have all the contents to hopefully made it to 400 pages (else, I'll make up some..hahahaha..) And I still need to do a little bit more research for the main content.

Now I understand the challenge of writing at a bigger scale. You have all the materials, you just need the mojo to sit down and write. And at times, you are stuck, you know what the next part would be, but you are having difficulties to bind them together, that train of thoughts must be smooth. Having time is not a luxury, you need to have the eloquence as well.

I hope I am strong. Its a personal project, and yes, I am putting pressure on myself to come up with it. Something that I need to do before I die (ok, part ni dramatic..hehehehe...). May Allah guide me... Amiinn....

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