Thursday, July 2, 2009

Travelog Umrah : Prologue

I have been meaning to do this for quite some time. Had plans with some colleague back in 2008. Initially only 2 of us, then it became 4. After some hurdles later, it was two, and then I am alone. I don’t think I can put it on hold anymore and decided to carry on albeit being the only one. So I signed up and here goes, my best recollection of what I have been through way back before 15th June 2009 up till today.

The theory & responsibility
What is Umrah? The last of five pillars of Islam is doing Hajj in Mekah for those who can afford it. Umrah is a simplified version of Hajj, which is a ritual done not constrained to any timing and less taxing compared to Hajj. Read more

For a Muslim, it is compulsory to do Hajj, however due to visa restriction and long queues, the first Umrah is recommended (for those who can afford it).

This post is going to be in installment each compartmentalised to its own topics that I thought would be relevant. Some terms used are in Malay as I either not sure of the English term or simply better left that way. Pictures will come later because at this point, I had it on my sis' laptop :)

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