Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Qudwah Hasanah

It means a good example.

I watched the repeat for BET 2009 Awards last night, and was make known that the organisers have to change the format last minute in order to pay tribute to late MJ. What kind of impact does a person leave, to have such a magnitude of tribute after his death. It is undeniable that MJ has been a legendary icon. Although the later part of his life were filled with controversy with all the courts hearing and many more issues, he is still much respected and adored.

I remember when I was small, my mom used to say that I would dance along his 'Beat It','Billie Jean' and even 'Bad' records. I couldn't even understand a single word and yet was a hardcore fan. As I was growing up, he produces more songs with message, Earth Song, Black or White, Heal the World and many more to mention here.

He is a person that has dedicated his life to entertain, and was gifted to touch many other peoples life. Whether or not he is a Muslim, Allah knows best, but all his good deeds has impacted many people. Even his songs are legendary and will last forever (I think).

This is one of my favourite song and message was deep. In other words, to make yourself a qudwah hasanah, it starts with the Man in The Mirror. RIP MJ.

p/s: hope they did not remove the clip yet.

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